Which is the best med centre for (TA) phase 2 CMT training?

We have a new CMT 3 in my TA unit (Ex French Foreign Legion!). Not being a med unit they cannot train him and I was asked where he should go for CMT 2 training. The criteria and objectives for TA CMT 2 is broadly similar to the regular (I said broadly, not exactly the same).

I cannot in all honesty recommend the MRS I currently work in, so can anyone recommend a really good one, perhaps used to taking TA CMT's on board.

He is funded for an extra two week slot and extra weekends, odd days during the week when he is available.

I believe he lives around the midlands, but he is expected to travel if he wants to train.

Thanks in advance.
There's always MRS Dhekelia at least it's garanteed to be a fun couple of weeks. There is also quite a good package set up there which the student nurses do I'm sure you could learn a bit.

The CMTs there man the ambulances and respond to call outs across the local area so with a bit of luck you could see some trauma cases too.

And if nothing else the social life is great :D

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