Which is the best FR/Armoured Regt ?

I have searched and looked and even asked ... still nothing. I am looking to joing the RAC soon (FR), just a couple of questions really mithering me ..

1) Which is the best Armoured FR Regt ? :?:

2) Which Armoured Regt recruit from Buurrmingham ?

3) Why do all the threads go way off the initial question here ? :?

Any answers for the 1st two would be appreciated, the last one is just general arrse talk ! :lol:

Thanks in advance

Me. :D :D


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Look, if you're in Brum, why not just wander down to the ACIO, say "I want to go FR", and listen to what they tell you.

BTW, the pictures in the window will tell you who the local infantry and cav regiments are.....
Im also joining the RAC in a FR and im from wolverhampton i think it is down to personal preferance but i am hoping to join the queens royal lancers
OK so i have heard 1000000000 billion times

L - D

Now which of these are the best ? Of course QRL are my local regt (and have "the motto" but how well trained and prepared ar they compared to L - D or any other " 8) best 8) " regts.

Of course this is purely opinions now, I think QRL is the way forward but i would still like to hear/see what exactly everyone else thinks ? :)

Thanks again in advance

Me :D

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