Household Cavalry Regiment?
1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards?
9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)?
The Light Dragoons? OR
The Queen's Royal Lancers?
You should set a poll, if your just after stats. Remember, it's all about people's opinions. Not a true reflection of a regt. All answers will depend on experiences that the individual had - tours, ex, CO, etc, etc....

Hope this is not a way of choosing a posting!
The LD's have a huge mongo like bloke who I went through PDT with and saw him several times in Afghan. Scary looking bloke. Must be something to do with the water in Norfolk.. So in short, i haven't got a clue who the best are but the LD's seemed pretty switched on when i worked with them...
Light Dragoons Eh? Thanks very much...They recruit from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear County Durham and in South Yorkshire don't they?
Beleive so, a lot of geordies/mackem lads when I saw them.
Because it stops people asking strangers on public websites what regiment they should join, rather than making a life changing decision for themselves.

Do it the old fashioned way- join either the one with family links, serving friends, or if none of the above, the local mob. If you have a taste for horses and shiny things it's the HCMR. Simples.
1st The Queens Dragoon Guards are the best but would they have you????? Depends if you ask stupid questions on websites I guess.
I never wanted this to come as a stupid question. I wanted it to be an open, honest assessment of Recce regiments, in order to make up my mind, as It is going to be a life changing decision, I am currently going down the 9th/12th route, as my Army recruiter said.....there are no stupid questions!!! Thankyou for your post. Every day is a school day
It depends where you are from. 9th/12th have the worst rep in the RAC. HCR/QDG/LD are all good regiments QRL are slowly catching up. Its your call mate. FR regiments have a pretty tasty job in Afghan so be prepared for some hard graft. Tank regiments are pretty dead at the moment. Best of luck and aviod 9th/12th as they are crap and thats comon knowledge.
I have to thank you for this about the 9th/12th as I was going with them...And now I won't! I appreciate your time you have taken to mention it. I will have to take a step back and have a look at where to go. I'm ready for the hard graft, It's just who to do the graft with! and its not going to be with the 9th/12th! Cheers
Lads, lets not be unreasonable.

I've just picked this thread up from random, but there is a lot of negativity here, its the same in all the forums. A sprog asks a question, and blokes pick it to pieces, to look cool, rather than answer it. Its a bit cuntish to be honest. Its almost as bad as the craze of "join 49 PARA" or "What colour is the boathouse". Again, those crazes were encouraged by cunts.

Whilst this is supposed to be a rumour service, potential soldiers do come on here to ask questions, and being barraged with sh
ite isn't exactly the way forward.

Feel free to slag this post off, I wont read the aftermath. All I ask is that the unitiated masses be given a chance every now and then.

Do some research on the Regiments, their history both ancient and modern. Make up your own mind. Personally, I think the 9/12L are pretty odd but don't take my advice, or indeed anyone else unless you know them or value their opinion. Regardless of choice, you have definitely chosen the best part of the Army, of that there is absolutely no doubt!

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

By the way, HCR isn't all about horses (Quite a bit, but not all)!
There is only one regiment, only one that does not need to openly recruit, one that is considered the elite of the cavalry regts and always requested for force recon QUEENS ROYAL LANCERS, to be the best you have to join the best.
but then im bias

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