Which is my local UOTC?

Apologies if this has been answered before, a quick search did not show anything up though. I have started my first year at Northampton University, I was interested in joining the UOTC but there does not appear to be a unit locally. Is it possible to join another unit and travel, i.e to london or the official East Midlands unit in Nottingham, or would I be better off just joining the local TA?

try this page,Joining the UOTC - British Army Website it breaks down each of the UOTCs and what areas they cover. If it doesn't give you your answer, then you can always email or phone the contacts given and speak to them. Different UOTC's offer different opportunities some are infantry training focused (with drinking and sex) and others offer things like RE or RA opportunities (with drinking and sex)

There are plenty of opportunities and skill sets offered by the different cap badges within the TA, so its whatever you think will float your boat. If your just doing it while at Uni, then use the same website to see what local TA units you have Territorial and Reserves - British Army Websiteand speak to them about what sort of training opportunities you can have within 3 years. Have a goood read and don't be afraid to visit a few places if you have the opportunity, because its as much about your face fitting as what they can provide you.
I don't know what you are studying, but some cap badges can enhance the areas yoru studying with further training in those areas, stuff you get outside of the lecture theatre and can therefore help you in your search for potential employers at the end of your degree. If you are studying medicine or such like and have a penchant for drinking and getting shagged by old birds then join a TA medical unit where the QARANC Majors will hunt you in packs....... be afraid ;)
I wont reherase the TA/OTC argument as it has been done to death in other threads.

one thing to be aware of, if the OTC is over-subscribed, which it probably will be, they will prefer to take you if you have 3 years left on your course rather than just 2 as taking you would deprive someone who could complete the full 3 year syllabus of a place. I would suggest you look up your OTC and contact the Adjutant and ask if there is a specific recruiting policy because if they do give preference to students with 3 years to go there is little point waiting to be turned down by the OTC in Oct when you might as well get down to your TAC now.

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