Which is better.. American Abrams Tank or Challenger II MBT?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by toma2793, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Which is better? Abrams or Challenger II MBT?
  2. CRII. But you've not added the Leopard II into the equation.

    The Merkava wins on "looking ally" however.

    It's a very dull topic, so I'm off.
  3. Oh gawd all the old timers will be here in a minute talking about Chieftens and Centurions! God help us if someone mentions the S word!

    I jest gents
  4. Sodomy? Wouldn't that be rather difficult in the cramped confines of a tank? Unless it was a tank with dwarf crewmen, of course.

    Can we have a forum for fans of military-themed dwarf deviancy?
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  5. I know somebody who keeps a Centurion in his shed.
  6. We already have one of those forums!!

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  7. He might bite for this?

    The Baron of Castleshort - ARRSEpedia
    May 29, 2012 ... James Gerard Richard Shortt, born Purley, Surrey, in the southern suburbs of London, on 17 September 1953 passes himself off as an expert in ...
    The Baron of Castleshort - ARRSEpedia
  8. So do I, it's on his FAC too.
  9. Theres no longer any difference. Since 2007 Daewoo have been making them under license in Korea. Its the same vehicle, they just make one RH drive and call it the Challenger, the other LH drive and call it Abrams.
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  10. Whats the difference between an american Tank and a hedgehog?

    The Hedgehog has the pricks on the outside!
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  11. They already have, Merkava is a cent, admittedly driving backwards.
  12. Chally II 446
    M1Abrams 9000+

    Both do the Job their nation designed them for.

    Users M1
    Saudi Arabia
    and now apparently Greece & Morrocco will have them on inventory

    Users Chally II

    Kinda surprised Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries don't use the Chally. Guess it's like the L85 huh?
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  13. For some reason your post has captured my attention sir.
  14. Doesn't everyone?
  15. heres a question for you old guys
    The Original Cent turret had a Polsten gun in a seperate mounting very like the PzKpfw 38(t) what did y'all do with those turrets when the Mk.III came along? re worked, scrapped, or range targets?