which is best Warrior or CVR(t) scimitar

I was having a chat with guys from the scots guards and scots dragoon guards recce arguing about which is better the Warrior or CVR(t) scimitar but neither had worked with both. if any of you have worked with both please comment on which you preffered and what roles you did with each vehicle
I have worked on both and would say that for performance the Warrior was better, because it was designed for the purpose of keeping the Infantry up with the armour and did so quite successfully. However, the CVR(T) was far more adaptable and a better all round vehicle because of the various roles it had to take on. My own experience was in the Spartan variant which was underpowered due to it's 10 ton weight, by the 4.2 litre Jaguar petrol engine, found in the Jaguar sovereigns of the day. Hardly conducive to keeping up with Challenger 2s and a bastard to work on, but i still maintain that for the overall versatility, the CVR(T) Spartan/Scorpion/Scimitar was a better vehicle. If proof were needed, then it has just been upgraded yet again, which tells you all you need to know about the basic platform.
It's like comparing Apples and Oranges mate.
One (Warrior) is an infantry combat vehicle, the other (Scimitar) is a reconnaisance vehicle.

They both have the same main armament, but Warrior carries a section of infantry in the back whilst the scimitar sneaks around looking for stuff.

Both are good at what they do but are not so good at what the other one does.
Which is better very much depends one what you want it to do. As previously stated WR is a much more modern vehicle with modern suspension which can (just about) keep up with tanks on the battlefield. In terms of armament, the 30mm RARDEN is identical, although the way it is set up and maintained is slightly different making SCIMITAR more accurate. Although as SCIMITAR crews (in theory) use their weapon systems to destroy targets as a means of self defence, whereas WR crews principally use theirs to suppress in order to deliver dismounted onto a position, this is not really a fair comparison. Also the SCIMITAR is armed with the L37 (a version of the GPMG) which has a much higher rate of fire and is more reliable than the L94 chain gun which the WR shares with CR2.

As already mentioned, if you want to deliver troops onto a position then WR is your vehicle of choice. If you want to sneak around quietly and cross bridges which would not take the weight of WR then SCIMITAR is your one. Likewise, in theory you can parachute airdrop CVR(T), although I've no idea if this is something we still do (expensive if it doesn't work!).

I suspect that your question may hinge around what vehicle Medium Armour (MA) Sqns should be equipped with. My view is that WR would be a better platform, although with some changes to the way that the armament is prepared for firing to bring it into line with SCIMITAR in terms of accuracy. This would reflect the likely profile of the FRES MA platforms currently being considered. This swap is unlikely to take place wholesale as WR is owned by DInf and CVR(T) by DRAC.

The other point I would make concerns the crews. RAC SCIMITAR crews are operators of complex platforms first and foremost (regardless of the fact that they may operate dismounted much of their time). Infantry WR crews are dismounted infantry soldiers first and foremost and complex platform operators second. What this means is that while RAC soldiers will never be as capable dismounted, man for man, as infantry soldiers; infantry AFV crews are (again man for man) less capable than their RAC brethren when operating complex platforms. This is reflected in the sort of training they do. Discounting RAC and AI Close Recce Tps and Pls (where in theory the caplability is identical) Inf AFV crews are focussed not on finding and destroying the enemy, but safely delivering their dismounts onto enemy positions which they will suppress in the process. RAC AFV crews are principally concerned with hunting for the enemy and destroying it. Of course both normally come together to deliver the decisive blow in the shape of a Sqn/Coy Gp attack onto a previously identified postion.

Put it all together and you see there is no simple answer as to "which is better," as it entirely depends on what you want to do with it.

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