Which infantry regiment to join?

Hi. I’ve applied for Harrogate sep 2018 intake and will have my assessment centre in a few weeks . My first choice is for the parachute regiment however if I don’t pass the fitness tests ( I am training extremely hard tho) I will be joining the infantry but I’m not sure which regiment I would like. I want the regiment that would give me the most experiences if possible and I would also like to be deployed in Germany if it makes any difference . I want a regiment with good history and reputation . I am from East Midlands but could I join say Yorkshire regiment for example even tho I’m not from there or will regiments only recruit within a certain area?


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Have you considered the Princess Of Wales Royal Regiment? The eldest English foot of The line with a very long history of History, English, maths and
The Royal Anglian Regiment recruits from a large area. Norfolk,Suffolk,Cambridgeshire,Essex,Herts &Beds,Leicestershire,Boston,Lincolnshire and many other counties.
IF you are lucky you could be posted to the 1st Battalion known as The Vikings( posted in London) If not you will go to the 2nd Battalion ( currently in Cyprus)
Yes I am bias towards The Royal Anglian Regiment,as I served in the 1st Battalion.
FYI The Parachute Regiment is also Infantry,they on very rare occasions use Parachuting as a means of transport but that is becoming even less these days.
Whoever you join you will find the good,bad&ugly so make your choice and work your up the ladder as you can.
Good luck with your basic training and more importantly remember that's what it is just Basic and it has an end date ( as long as you don't get backsquaded for either a Injury or diciplinery reason)
Have a great career
The First Battatlion the Kings Queens (the Princess Cross Dressers)

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