Which HDMI cable?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by postman_twit, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. I am a complete and utter technomong and I'm attempting to connect my PC to a telly. Are all HDMI cables the same or do I need to ensure it meets a certain criteria?

    Thanks geeks,

  2. As long as it's HDMI 1.4 spec, cheapest you can find in Lidl/Aldi/Ebay will do the job just as well as the £29.99 - £99.99 rip-offs in Dixons, Johm Lewis etc.
  3. Buy a good quality cable - QED are a very good manufacturer.
  4. I'd add don't buy a cheap shit cable, get something half decent from Currys etc.

    I was setting up a digital projector and an active DTS amp for the headshed conference during the summer, and was getting all sorts of weird display errors, which I thought (wrongly) was down to display drivers or refresh rate, and the amp wouldn't "kick" either. Turned out the brand new cheapo HDMI cables were both borked. The cheap ones won't take any kind of punishment (applies to CAT5s too).
  5. There are plenty of internet companies doing good deals on HDMI cables.

    Carry out a Google search and save a fortune over the high street (or out of town, mahoosive retail outlet super malls etc).

    I recently required a 3m cable and managed to get a tinterweb deal of about £6, including postage, saving about a tenner.
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  6. True. Having said that, I had some cheap HDMI cables that actually started disintegrating, the amazon ones are of good quality and are gonna last, and not fall apart, even if dropped.

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  7. One of the things that are supposed to be "get what you pay for" that I've never had a problem with.
    I suppose a pound shop special or something off a market stall might fail to make the grade, but spend a fiver and I doubt you'll go wrong.
  8. Thanks one and all, will be ordering some tonight. Comet tried to sell me a 'discounted' one at £89!!!! Robbing twats!
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  9. That's why they've gone into administration - their business model relies on ignorant/desperate consumers who either don't have a choice or don't know any better. Thankfully there are fewer of them about these days.

    Digital signal cables can make a difference depending on the type of signal being conveyed. For video and DVD/Blu Ray sound HDMI is fine.

    However if you're a serious audio boffin it is best avoided for music playback.
  10. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    How many £2 cables are going to disintegrate on you before the £20 one PC World scam you for suddenly seems like value? Get yourself on eBay where there's loads of selection at phenomenal prices.

    The HDMI standard says that all cables are tested to the same level of signal quality up to 10m of cable length, so cheap or expensive, long or short, they should be fine. A lot of people report 30m+ cables to be perfectly viable as well.
  11. When Dixons shut up shop, I got a load of different cables at 99p each. I expect the final days of Comet will see similar attempts to liquidate their stock, take advantage of it, but leave some for me.
  12. Who said expensive?

    QED cables were on sale in the 99p store recently.