Which Greek God or Goddess are you?

apparently half Hera, half Aphrodity. Weird questions. I must be really really bored!!!!!!
Ooooh Artemis... turn that man into a deer for seeing you naked in the woods, then let his dogs tear him to pieces... bit of a b***t tho! :lol:
Aphrodite :lol: :lol:

Yes indeedy the patron goddess of love beauty and prostitutes is your inner goddess Though some people think you're a ditz, you have more dept than anyone knows , not to mention the power you wield in your self comfort

Now where's my God........
Athena apparently.......

Nope not the poster shop.
I am Hera - queen of the Gods (that means I am in charge). My husband was a man-whore (not far off there), and I am the protectress of women and marriage. Apparently a pretty grounded person. Do they mean well-rounded?