which gps???

hi , just been told i could do with getting my self a handheld gps as it would be very usefull and save lots of time etc.. now i have not got a scooby doo which one to get and where from. baring in mind im a scot so i have short arms and long pockets . how much will i be looking to spend on a nice little gps that will get me from a to b??

cheers speedy
Garmin Forerunner Series, worn on the wrist, simple top kit. One is a reachargable lithium, the other on AAAs had both.


Any cheap one that has all the major datums and grid systems, mainly WGS84 and MGRS. The BNG for GB is also a must for when you're on home turf.
ouch bit overprice aint it? £125 is there none with a better value.

cheers for replying

I have an Garmin etrex, the yellow one. I only use it when I get really lost or I need to prove where I am. The rest of the time its map and compass. Who told you to get one and why ?
Have a look on PocketGPS. You should find the one you're interested in

Don't buy the Forerunner, it doesn't have the MGRS military grid system on it so you'll be buggered when you go overseas.

I got a Foretrex 101 from the US via ebay, cost me around £60 including shipping and it's the best thing I've ever bought. It's light, hardwearing and seeing as it's sitting on your wrist you're not gonna leave it behind if you've gotta get out the wagon fast!
Garmin E-Trex, simple, cheap but does the job. You don't need to spend your money on one that has all the useless ballex i.e. Rate's of decent/accent, flight path, digital compass.

Can't go wrong with a Silva (never trust a Digital)

E-trex check just to give you the 'Warm fuzzy feeling' on check Nav.

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