Which GPS?

Anyone wish to suggest a GPS?

Preferably from their experience.

Would like it to link up with Memory Map.
Whats wrong with a Silva Compass and OS map, never go wrong mate :D
hup-two-three said:
dwill said:
Anyone wish to suggest a GPS?
Would like it to link up with Memory Map.
Is it for walking?

With the variety available it's difficult to make a suggestion without knowing what you intend using it for.
Ah, Walking, maybe posing :)
wellyhead said:
Whats wrong with a Silva Compass and OS map, never go wrong mate :D
Indeed, but no pose value.

It's to supplement the Compass, and so I can play back home with the route actual taken etc, :)
I've had a Garmin GPS 12 for a couple of years now - therefore probably out of date - but it's done all I wanted of it.

Consider whether you just want a fixing aid for walking about or whether you ned a more swept up navigation system for vehicles/aircraft/boats with waypoints and track keeping and so on.

A very important consideration is battery life - my Garmin eats them, but as I only really use it as a fixing aid and switch it off when not in use, it's not a problem. If you are moving at even Landy speeds and need it switched on all the time to plot track made good and so on, battery life might be a bit more of an issue.
Are you going to upload Memory Map to it or just routes?


dwill said:
Anyone wish to suggest a GPS?
Preferably from their experience.
Would like it to link up with Memory Map.
I've got a Garmin eTrex Legend, which i use with Memory Map (get the latest version off their website)
I love it. Good features and easy to use.


The Sailor said:
Are you going to upload Memory Map to it or just routes?
Certainly the routes, not aware that you can upload the actual maps, will that bump up the price?
I would of love one that did one thing and one thing only, told me my 6/8 fig grid ref.

Thats all, many a cold windsept mountainside suffering from fatigue, malnoutrition and being to have hallucinations I wish i had one, just to make sure the cnut I was following was going the right way :wink:
Got to be Garmin,

I had a 38 sold it on Ebay, bought a Legend from Ebay, £115 plus P & P, bought Metroguide v6 from Ebay.. soes I can use it for work and holidays in France,(wife is navigationally challenged ..bless her).

Great display,light as anything, great bit of kit.

If you use Peer to Peer software, you can problably find Mapsource software.

Use mine all the time now, ...

Legend, Vista or Venture you won't go wrong, depends on your budget thats all
use a Garmin Etrex meself, (although prefer a map and Silva compass..)

I would suggest one of the higher models sold by Garmin.
I've been using an etrex Legend with Memory Map for several months without any problems. You can't load the maps onto the device from MM, but you can certainly transfer routes, tracklogs and waypoints. If you want maps to put on the handheld, you'll need to get hold of the Garmin mapping CDs from their website or ebay. I don't think much of the mapping function on the legend though; any of the etrex range will be plenty good enough.
Garmin 12 has been updated and is now the Garmin 72. You can still get the 12, though (if you are a fan of early 90s technology).

It is designed to be used in conjunction with a map (rather than with an internal one): it gives you a grid reference and can remember waypoints but does not do a good deal more than that.

See http://www.garmin.com/products/gps72/

What sets it apart from the eTrex, etc., is its robustness. Whereas the eTrex, Venture, etc. are about the size of 2003 mobile phones and equally flimsy, the 72 is more like a 1999 jobbie (although it was actually released in at the end of 2002): biggish but waterproof and able to withstand being dropped.

As you might be aware, the big trouble with GPS is battery consumption. You can't really leave them on all the time. But each time the handset is switched on it takes a wee while to locate the signals from the satellites which tell it where it is. The time taken to do this can be critical - it can take more than five minutes if it has not been turned on for a couple of weeks. Subsequent reacquisitions of the satellites, if turned off for only an hour or so, take about a minute in reality. The 72 is pretty quick.

Costs about £125 from www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk

Mr Happy


I've popped a list of requirements below of the features I'm after, any suggestions:

Handheld GPS for civvie trekking
Has a map display as close as dammit to an OS 1:25000
Capable globally or near as poss. with uploading maps from somewhere or other.

You'll note I care not about weight (now that my boots are hungup I've got loads of space in my bergen where the 319 used to go)
I don't care about the cost if its the right kit so I can hang on to it for a few years, so expensive is fine but its got to be worth it.
I don't really need many features either, from my POV I'm just after a map and compass replacement (hence the must have map-like-display, not this:

but this:

I recognise the 'don't trust just a gps, take your own map and compass too' line and depending on task I will.
Go for Garmin . Ignore the knobbers who say compass and a map . That is bollacks . You try sending grids rapid at night in a tracked vehical at speed . How the old timers did it i dont know. Compass and map as well of course but Gps is the way ahead .Why make it hard

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