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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Markintime, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. As it is now 2000hrs on a Sunday; I have a little time on my hands so I thought I'd start a little game.

    To play this game you must say which, of the three main presenters of 'Top Gear', would you most like to model yourself on and why?

    I would model myself on Richard Hammond: Courageous, intelligent, fun, humorous, up for anything and with excellent communication skills. An all-round good guy who would fit in most places.
  2. I'd be Jeremy Clarkson just so I could say my Father-In-Law single handedly fcuked over Hitler and won a VC. And apparently some women find him strangely attractive.....
  3. I'd be the Hamster he just got paid £750000 for 4 days work.
  4. You forgot to mention 'short' and 'with chemicaly whitend teeth'.....
  5. Not forgetting Hammond is also the love child of the Chuckle Brothers.

    I'd opt for JC as he is the only one who is watchable.
  6. May he's deffinetly the brains of the group and the thinking womans crumpet out the 3
  7. I already have JCs razor wit (which the other 2 have had to develop to keep up), May's dullness (on occassion) and nothing at all in common with Hamster, who dresses badly and crashes a lot (although there will be a few that would argue with me not dressing badly).

    Maybe I could become a new team member?
  8. funny how no wants to be James May!

    I'd be hamster, as I'm a short arrse, none of the others as vertigo woud set in!

  9. try reading the above then ;)

    do seem to have a little of the stig about me in my quality of driving (smug aswell)
  10. I second that as I'm only 5"1 myself, so I'd choose the Hamster too.