Which Engineer Regiment?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by LumpyJumper, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Ok, this has probably come up before, but for ease, which Engineer Regiment should I choose?

    I'm going for Officer entry (Rupert, Pongo whatever, heard it all before!) and have been offered an attachment with an Engineer Reg before I go to RMAS (prob Jan 2013, unless I go to uni first).

    I'm really interested in Diving. That's pretty much what I want to do. Yes I'm aware that you can't join as a Diver, and it doesn't become your sole job role, but I'm finding it difficult to find which RE Reg's have Dive Teams. So, 28 in Germany looks pretty exciting, and possibly 42 as I like Geography. Just want to have a gander really, see what I like.

    What RE Reg's are pretty exciting and good for op's? Bearing in mind that I am limited (being female). Want to make the most of my attachment and find a suitable reg.

  2. Got your Helmet handy.......for there be incoming shortly!
  3. All Engineer Regiments have Diving teams.
  4. 33 EOD have a Diving team was 49 sqn, so not sure if that has changed what with the regiments expansion. Work there will be different, other than that any Regt will have a team as has been stated.
  5. Which is a good point stilly, diving teams are usually a collection of the fittest blokes from across the regiment and the competition is usually always very high to get a place on a course.

    Not sure if any women have passed or attended the course.

    Its a ******* howling course from what I've heard of it. Nice payrise though, especially if you get up to supervisor level.
  6. Army Diving is, as Rigrat says, howling. From fitness standards:

    'Within one year of attending a selection course, potential divers must pass a stringent medical examination at their Unit. They must also ensure that they are physically fit and mentally robust. The Divers Personal Fitness Test (DPFT) must be passed on day one of the course:

    Complete a 1.5 mile run within 9½ mins; after 1.5 mile squaded run in 15 mins.
    Complete a minimum of 8 x under-grasp heaves.
    Complete a minimum of 40 x flat sits ups in 1 min (hands on temples).
    Complete a minimum of 16 x dips'

    I also seem to remember a fair amount of carries with diving kit and mud-runs (although cooking people to death seemed to calm that down). Like other courses, it's the cumulative effect of individual activities that seem to do the damage. I didn't know of any females who had passed, although that's not to say there haven't been any since.
  7. Yeah that sounds about right, I did the pre aptitude when I was at 35. The same test as above but the standards quoted above are the absolute minimum they expected from us. This was followed by a massive thrashing for even considering ourselves worthy enough to be underwater super heros.

    I got out the Army not long after, I only went along as my mate was well keen on it and it was something to do. Doing shit underwater has never appealed to me.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    32 armoured has tanks and a need for divers so you can have the best of both worlds .
  9. To become a Geo Officer you would first have to attend the MSc GeoInt course after spending about 5 years in the Corps as a junior officer. As you do not seem to have a degree you would probably be barred from attending this course. Unless of course you were posted in as a 2nd Lieutenant, but your 'Geographic' opportunities would be limited as you'd be untrained.

    To become an RE Diver you would need to pass the fitness tests as described above, something no female has achieved yet, as far as I know, but you could be the first.

    My advice would be to pick a any Sapper regiment, apart from 42 as they are too specialised and you'll not see as much variety, and try and get an attachment there. You'll see and learn more if you go with an open mind as to what you'd like to specialise in at a later date.
  10. Pity that they concentrate more on phys than they do diving. Having been on a RN divers course while an Army diving course took place, they spent most of their time being fucked about rather than getting in the water.
  11. Appears to have 'allways been that way' I don't know why, maybe its because you get to wear a badge, get extra money and get to go away on little diving jollies now and then.

    I've allways thought Navy divers must get to do much more ally'er shit than searching a river bed for a rifle some mongo has dropped on a river crossing, or other bone tasks army divers usually get spammed with?
  12. I was, for about 3 weeks, a ship's diver, which meant that you did hull searches in Pompey dockyard in November, after everyone else had fucked off. It was shit, and I every minute of my time under the water.
  13. I can imagine you will have heard it all before given your vast military experience. I wish you all the best you wannabe clunge diving grunter:thumright:
  14. My ex did the pre-aptitude when he was at 28. He was extremely fit and had no problems with that but lost it going in to water from height and his mask and mouthpiece* came off. He couldn't find the mouthpiece and ended up having a panic attack. Thus ended all aspirations to a diving career...

    BTW, despite the user name, I don't think LumpyJumper is female.

    *excuse the non-technical terms, he did the course, not I.
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