Which Dating Site in UK?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by fltpilot, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. OK, i've tried match.co.uk which turned into a minor disaster!
    After one with "real" women on and not those married & looking for a fling.
    One with "real" photos and not ones taken 10 years ago!
    Anyone used a decent one they would recomend?
  2. I could ask the same question ...
  3. Get yourself out and about, start to use the mouth that you were given and use some of those well worn chat up lines
  4. Ive had a few dates from Plenty of Fish. Most had something mentally wrong, or ex's still in the picture, or just seem to be on the site for something other than dating. Fecked if I know what, but the majority of lasses on there from up this area look like something from the Jeremy Kyle show.
  5. Sod it, probably opening myself for all sorts of abuse but wtf:SmoochBadooFlirtboxPlentyoffishCan't say the people on them are any better than any other dating site but I will say that of the four men I've met from those respective sites, only one was a nutter (Smooch), two have ended up being very good friends (Flirtbox and Badoo) and the fourth is currently under consideration (POF) :)Oh yeah, better plug Friends4Forces ;-)
  6. ******* Hell GM, get your arse down the nearest barracks, and say "I'm the (ex) QARANC you have been waiting for, the rest got lost... you know what bints are like with maps.... " and prepare to get your gusset well and truly moistened.

    Fucks Sakes, never thought an ARRSE bird would have a problem getting a fresh DNA injection.

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  7. Haha, nice one GM ;)

    Yep, Friends4Forces will get you a nice lass or bloke.
  8. Schaden

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  9. Look here, if you are female and fancy a shag, just pm me. It helps if you are Asian, but isn't essential.
  10. HHH

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    Have you tried the one on this site, top right between ammm and patchpedia ?
  11. One that was recommended by a mate is mysinglefriend.com. Can't vouch for it other than having been told it's not full of nut jobs.

    I've tried a few others out in the past, paid and free. I think the key thing to manage is your expectations, your not just going to find the girl of your dreams within a month of signing up.

    I found the best thing to do is just meet as many as possible, quicker is better otherwise you could find you'll build up a 'fake' internet rapport. Best to see them in real and see if you actually click and they actually look like their photos.

    Other than that I would utilise the ones after a one night fling, they usually turn in to a **** buddy which is always handy.

    As for my recommendation, it would be Plenty of Fish. It's free and if you can cut through all the chaff and odd balls there are some really nice girls on there.

    Oh and finally, remember that there are a lot of weird blokes on there as well, you will turn out to be one of the few normal guys the girls have met up with.
  12. No problem with that situation, dear, but sometimes I do like conversation that doesn't turn the air blue ;-)

  13. Breathtaking assumption, what?
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