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Which Crap town are you drinking in on a friday night?

Bill_Bones said:

(Pronounced Peeterheeeeiiiid)

I'lll take your Peeterheeeeiiiid and raise you a Boddam (former home of RAF Buchan)! 4 mile outside Peeterheeeeiiiid. Attended a wedding there and 'watched'* as local fisher men beat matelot up as he was in fishery protection fleet

*by 'watched' I mean, restrained by barman and giggling a bit too
datumhead said:
the_matelot said:
I did go out with a girl from Mold before-she was a bit bonkers to be honest and it is in Chester's catchment area.

where do you keep your V.C.? :thumleft:

Well she did join the RAF ;)

As an officer :shock:

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