Which Crap town are you drinking in on a friday night?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by macattack, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Right, its Friday evening, we have all left work. had a few beers on the
    way home. Now we're getting ready to go out again.

    So which is the crappest town we are going out in tonight?

    for me its Doncaster

    Land of the biggest loudest fattest ugliest females around. (ok 1 or 2 are nice looking, but they are waiting to be whisked away by a footballer or soap star)

    Fight night guaranteed.

    an Overzealous policeforce.

    Chav's and eastern europeans driving corsa's with crappy bodykits and bean tin exhausts.

    a train station you can't get to after 2200.

    not enough taxi's.

    not enough bar staff

    all in all a crap night guaranteed. but i can't be Arrsed going anywhere else tonight.

    can anyone beat this misery? maybe someone is having a night out in Tidworth!!!!
  2. try fallingbostel....nearly as bad as tidworth.....
  3. Try Lerwick........................................
  4. Holyhead is luverly on a friday night,specially when the Dublin ferry is in!!!
  5. Osnabrück for me!!!!

    Gyros, Eros Centre then another Gyros me thinks!!!!!!!
  6. I aint got a town, live in a village in zummerset where I'm not even the biggest idiot! 2 pubs and no kebab shop.
  7. i win i win!

  8. no, no , no......any fule know that brecon is tops on a friday and sat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    try Lydd.......................I win
  9. fcuk me CR, I'll give you that one.
  10. clearly you've never been to Ilfracombe!!!!
  11. Hey now Pup, had some good times in the copper kettle...well what I can remember ! :omg: ...at least Fally has more than one pub like Bovy does (Clouds Hill) :neutral:
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  12. Ilfracombe.... combe martin's got loads of pubs and there all in a straight line so you cant get lost.
  13. Andover, dont bother it's not on any map
  14. no way try ebbw vale as far up the s.wales valleys as you can get.

    Guaranteed fight no matter what. fat ugly women and it's always raining and at the mo it's fecking baltic.
  15. I once had a few beers in Yate, near Bristol and Gloucester.

    Fucking shit. More chavs than you could shake a stick at. Makes Beirut look appealing.