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The Emirates (Dubai for preference), without any doubt.... lots for the kids to do , good schools and no problems getting a beer, or two for yourself.
No not really, not sure how a chav could get the work/ residence permits sorted. Most people I knew were professional types. construction/ oil/ shipping/ computers..... stuff like that. If I had to go back to the gulf (god forbid) It would be to Dubai . no contest.
It really does depend on what you like.

Personally, I hate the Emirates and once I leave I will not come back, holiday or otherwise. I do work closely with locals though who I find predominantly to be lazy, arrogant, racist, money driven and who place great weight on social standing and who you know. And yes, I do have personal experience of all of these behaviours from my work colleagues. Plus the company I currently work for could not organise a piss up in a brewery, which does not help, so I may be slightly biased.

I find Dubai is great if you like shopping, or the beach. The malls are massive, with lots to do for kids and food courts to gain that extra 10 stone you've always wanted. There are a lot of bars, and the odd whore house, for the evening entertainment. Desert everywhere for off road driving! You will find, or I certainly did, that everything looks nice on TV and in the brochures, but actually live here and there is no substance to anything.

It's not for me, but I work with other expats who love the place.

Holiday first, a couple of weeks, and see how you find it!
Holiday first, a couple of weeks, and see how you find it!
Good Idea about the visit/ holiday to try it first. Yes it is shallow, but if you are set on the Gulf area it's still the best choice I feel. (working with locals is always a pain, but the kuwaities for example are far, far worse.) and remember it's the easiest place to get a beer.

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