Which countries allow foreign medals to be worn

This has most likely been done a fair deal, but was wondering the answer to this question. Are they any countries that allow you to wear your medals from previous experiences on the uniform of the service you are joinning? I am guess no, but still wanting to fill my wonder.

Cheers 2CB
German army, US army (dunno bout the rest of their services) British army (Fijians can wear their medals as well as Indians) and Israeli armed forces (saw a gulf war & NI CSM on a paratrooper there about 5 years ago).
Each country has their own rules, but Canada allows the wearing of certain foreign orders. Permission just has to be obtained from DHH and the medal must come from the Head Of State along with a few other conditions. Are you looking at any medal in particular?
Are you looking at any medal in particular?[/quote]

Just curious, I was talking to my girlfriend back home and she was talking of leaving Canada to move back to America for teaching and was talking of after my time spent with the British Armed Forces to head to America and give it a go. So then the whole medal thing just jumped in my head.
Wonton where are you located from in Canada orginally?

Cheers 2CB,
Originally from the Niagara Region of Ontaria, but now a firmly transplanted Albertan.

I know that the CF allows blokes that come to us from the UK to wear their NI medals and such and we also credit them time towards their CD (our long service/good conduct medal). I haven't looked at the regs in a little while, but I'm sure we still allow them to buy back their pensionable service with another Commonwealth force.
we had a REME bod who served with the sultan of omans forces but was told his wog bravery medal couldn't be worn - so he did anyway! Good for him :D
Yes, I know the feeling, I wear my Iron cross with pride - Sieg Heil!

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