Which Corps?

Alright lads. I aint new to the site (i been goin on www.mfat.co.uk a lot too. Good for all you others thinkin of joinin up) but this is my first post. I've wanted to be a squaddie forever, only job i fancy at all, but i'm stuck. Can't decide between RA, RAC and Infantry. any info on what the life is like and what the other guys who join up are like would be greatly appreciated. PS should this be on another board? :oops:
Firstly calling the RA and the infantry Corps is not likely to ingratiate you to either of them. :oops:

Maybe you should try asking about each one on thier individual boards. This is a huge subject and you'll probably just get rubbish or nothing back.

Have you been to your local careers office? They can give you lots of info. The three choices that you gave are quite different jobs and maybe you should think about which job particularly appeals. To be considering all of them suggests that you haven't found out what they do.

As for what the other guys will be like well it is like anything else variable! You could be with a bunch of tossers or they could be a really good group. Most of it is luck and how well you fit in. As in any trade in the Army - work hard, keep your head down and you'll do fine.

PS when you do speak to the careers office remember they have quotas to fill and maybe biased because of this. Good luck. :)
FLLnurse said:
Have you been to your local careers office? They can give you lots of info.
STOP! You have just stated the bl00dy obvious..... please step back from the conversation, pause and think before re-joining it!

No offence, but if this guy hadn't thought of that himself, do we really think he's going to be the stuff the army's looking for?

I liked the good old days when you were sent on a course, not given joining instructions and still jailed when you turned up late or in the wrong place..... real inititive training :)
Lads i've wanted to join the Army since i was 5. I've been to my AFCO twice. I've read as much info as I can find. What I'm tryin to find out s what it's like day to day, as all you hear about is big flashy training exercises, adventure training etc. and it's obvious that it's mostly bullshit. Also i've found that at my AFCO the Staff Sgt. is trying to shove me into the Engineers and answers few of my questions about any other reg.
Every meal a feast,
Every wage packet, a King's ransom!
Clothes cut from the finest cloth, and women falling at your feet!
The best mates in the world, and a life of adventure and glory awaits you IN......THE INFANTRY!
Everyone else stuffs pens up their ass.

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