Which corps/regiment would you advise for a young women looking to go to Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ceebs, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. I am 22yrs old and have just graduated with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. Once I have got my fitness up I hope to take on Briefing and make it to Sandhurst. From the little I know so far I would love to join the Int Corps.

    As a girl it seems that my options are already somewhat limited (no infantry etc) but any informal words of wisdom on other regiments/corps would be greatly appreciated.
  2. .....waits for request of photo........
  3. I think 'slime' is a sensible choice.
  4. You don't have to commit too early. Speak to the Corps. Sappers are always on the lookout for anyone with a brain. Others try to follow suite. Good Luck.
  5. Ceebs, it's a very personal choice and not really something anyone can 'advise' you on. It's best go go on a number of visits and see what people offer. Also, it's important to find out where you fit in.

    Int Corps is a great choice, so look into a visit.
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  6. Think there are plenty of options for you, so don't limit your choices yet. However, the .int corps would certainly be able to utilise your degree and you would have plenty of opportunities to use your anayltical skills if that's what interests you.
  7. Engineers if you want to be a leader of men and rush about blowing things up. Int Corps is a good choice but less like the trad role for which you will be trained at Sandhurst, i.e. to have thirty blokes.
  8. The Royal Army Furnishing Corps perhaps?
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  9. Personally I think the Signals is the best thing since sliced bread, but someone in the Engineers might think otherwise. There is no 'Corps for young women' (AGC SPS aside!), so as someone else said, get on some fam visits and see for yourself.

    The most important thing is the people you will be working with. It's no good wanting to have a career in firing big guns if you think all Gunners are knob heads (obviously they are not, it's just an example!). Get into the mess and try and see where you think you'd fit in best. There are no 'good' or 'bad' cap badges, just ones that have different collective personalities. You will fit in somewhere, and if you don't, then the Army is not for you!
  10. Ceebs,

    There's plenty of Specialist Corps available or even consider something within the AGC, RAMC or ETS. although as its already been stated be selective if your circumstances allow as everyones personal choice will be different.

    Either way good luck..
  11. Thank you so much for all the very helpful remarks. I know the Int Corps don't allow fam visits until one has passed Main Board but i will try and visit some others.

    Just from the MOD website the RMP looks pretty interesting. What is the general feeling of that branch?
  12. RMP? Nah.
    Have you thought of REME?
  13. Bengal Lancers.
  14. Most soldiers have a low opinion of the RMP, although they do not express it so politely!
  15. Try the REME, you'll need to have: no prior knowledge, be lazy, have a complete lack of interest in engineering and display a "me me me" **** the blokes type of ego, but hey you can always cuff all that!
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