Which corps? Any recommendations?

Unfortunately I’m not at uni anymore, I’m a TA PO and only trained with an UOTC for a month and a half in order to complete MTQ2.

When is Exercise Brief Encounter and would it be possible to attend as a TA PO?
Brief Encounter is usually in the early spring but I am afraid that you will have to contact RHQ RA for any details and I imagine that attending should not be a problem.  I will send you the telephone number of the person you need to speak to.
Just a thought, but you could try to get yourself an attachment to a Regiment (RE, RLC etc) just to get a better flavour of things.

Main thing is that we all have our particular slants on which corps/arm is the best/sexiest/dullest, but the main thing is that you have to figure out which best suits you.  So, ignore all the bluster, get on the fam visits, get an attachment and have fun!  5 years in, still having a riot!


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Good point; exactly when during training do the Buttocks, Extra Large, GS. get grafted on?
Just be aware GIG that there are a lot of men out there who are only after one thing and will try to SMARM a way in, Not that theres any evidence of that in the last twenty replys (much!!) ;)
If you're a girl join the All Girls Corps ???
If you think you are a man join the Cav(they also THINK they are men) :p
If you like blowing up things you've just built, join the RE :-/
If you can't communicate well -join the R Sigs

If you are smarter than the rest - join REME ;D ;D ;D ;D
I have theory on Corps which I will share.
Each Corps is made up of about 30% good lads.  Fit, motivated, interesting and above all professional the further 60% characterise the Corps with the last 10% being similar to the charcterists of the others and thus pretty out of place.

REME - Geeks
Artillery - Arrogant cav wannabies (It is a Corps after all)
RLC - Losers
RE - Dullards
R Sigs - Barrack room bullsh!tters
Ford Perfect - it is obvious why you don't like the Corps,  
Just looking at your appalling GWAMAR tells me that you weren't clever enough to join a Corps
D ;D ;D ;D
Still,be stuck inside a  large metal sweat box will do an overweight lard arse the world of good

fik as mins those cav :D :D :D :D :D

You could of course stay in the Infantry and join the Royal Irish (Home Service).  They are a good bunch but if you are keen to go anywhere other than Northern Ireland think twice.  You would be on Ops all day every day for your entire career/3-year-work-experience though (cept courses).

There are rumours afoot that the Officer Corps across the R IRISH will no longer be affiliated to either HS or General Service.  There is the dim possibility of some posts within GS opening to girls .. who knows.
Girl_in_Green, have you considered the Int Corps? Conturary to earlier comments you don't have to be slightly strange (although we have our fair share) or linguistically gifted (although it does help).

If you want a career where it's almost guaranteed that no two postings will be the same, and to join the Corps which is small enough to feel like a regiment, and have a lot of responsibility at a junior rank (for example, briefing senior officers as well as leading your troops) give us a whirl.

If you want to lead a large bunch of guys and girls, we're probably not the best bet though, as we tend to work in small groups.
AAC is a target rich environment for a doris (ND) nowadays, espesh with Apache. Be warned though that it's not all up diddly up as you will still be required to fulfil the usual dull cadre crap that the untermench in the other corps do, SO3 paperclip procurement etc. As regards to size for pilot, what size are you? As a rule of thumb, if you are taller than Rit**ie Ro***son (4' 3'')and narrower than Rose Ashkenasi (5'5''), you'll fit! The AAC is the place to be for pilot Reg types.

Do you want to be;

A. Hi my names girl_in and I have something to do with guns/tanks/lorries and I need to explain what I do for a living


B. Woof, woof, I fly Apache, march yourself to the MO because your preggers after meeting me even though I'm a chick too.

Hobsons choice.

(If you decide to go Lynx pilot, you will make yourself pregnant). Fact of life.

Anyway, why underachieve, go AAC. All those ground filth wish they were us but don't have the stomach to admit it.

PS I am stable.
if you are taller than Rit**ie Ro***son
Ah yes, the "Inch-High QHI"! Has he started paying VAT on his clothes yet?  ;D
Just looking at your appalling GWAMAR tells me that you weren't clever enough to join a Corps

No the reason I have a downer on Corps is 'cause I'm in one.  Sorry about the grammar.  State school education don't yu knaw!
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