Which corps? Any recommendations?

Ok, I'm in TA at the moment (just completed MTQ2 at OTC), but thinking about becoming an officer (regs). My problem is I have no idea which corps to join. My TA unit is Infantry, but only because in my area there isn't anything else. I'd hoped to at least look at AAC but I'm too short. I've spoken to numerous people, but they've all come out with different options. So does anyone out there have any suggestions? ???
It depends on what you want. The Corps will afford you greater career choice and promotion prospects. The choice is entirely yours.

May I suggest you get onto your ULO and arrange some fam visits and ask your adj to set up some visits to local TA units of various cap badges and do some weekends with them so you can get a feel for what they do. Also OTC competitions like Ex Lightning Strike with the RSigs will also give you some much needed background.

Remember that even if you decide to go to RMAS under one cap badge you can opt to try other cap badges at week 22. Even then, if you are in a CSS role you can be attached to other units, and even try again for AAC selection once you are in.
Just to add to the wise words from the previous posting above:

My advice would be to visit as many as you can, and really play the field. Don't rush it.

Then decide which Regiment or Corps you like the best.

Good luck !
As someone with v close AAC links, I don't believe that there are any height restrictions on flying anymore....  Send me an email/PM for more details
Do they let short red dudes in mate?  ;)
Thanks, for the advice. I've seen the University Army Careers Adviser and I'm on the list for an RE fam visit, I saw RLC some time ago. My OC recommended RA, but I've also heard from someone first-hand that they should be avoided. As far as being female, are there any corps that particularly frown upon females (or just give them a hard time), or is that just down to the individual CO. I know that is very non-PC, but this is the real world. Any advice you could give me, will be gratefully received.  :)
Most male dominated units, regardless of badge, are likely to give you a significant amount of banter. If you are competent, prepared to listen and take advice, and prepared to give as good as you get you will fit in fine wherever.


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The Engineers will give you a good laugh on the fam visit, just take it all in and try to talk to officers in other regiments - there are quite a few officers who wish they had joined the engineers rather than their own regiments/corps. :)
From some of the pilots I have seen floating around my corps you must be about 4 and half feet tall to be too short to fly......  Again depending on what you want to do Command of soldiers R SIGNALS/R Engineers, Stacking Blankets, Cooking, Driving Big Trucks RLC, getting ignored in the mess RA, being in charge of fixing things REME, being a clerk AGC, from any of these you can try your luck on the Army Flying Course, apparently its a career foul, but best to foul your own career by doing something like flying helicopters than let the lucky dip of Glasgow do that for you......


My understanding is that you join, do a Tp Comd tour  :), sometimes a second tour - perhaps at a Training Regiment  :( - then do a "long course"  ???.  I am R SIGNALS, so not a subject matter expert, but I am aware of the following courses:

Ammunition Technical Officer
Petroleum Operations
Food Services
Port and Maritime
Postal and Courier Services

...and my notes say that there is/used to be one called Combat Arms Fighting Systems - but that could just be me going off outdated notes.

I suggest that if, after a few days, you get no luck in this forum you try the RLC forum as it'll be their bread and butter.

Out of curiousity, why do you ask?  Are you looking at RCB/done RCB/at RMAS?
DM, As my previous posts say, I am currently TA, but thinking about regs. I completed the RCB Breifing ages ago and I'm waiting for a date for my RCB.
All specialisations are open to officers on completion of their first tour. Slots on courses will depend very much on a combination of what you want to do, how many slots are open, and how much aptitude you show. "Long" courses usually lead to a recognised civilian equivalent qualification but will have a time-bar associated with them. Some such as POL specialist will require a high technical aptitude, and it helps there to have a chemical engineering degree.

The usual route though is to complete the Trp Cdr cse and then spend a period of time in command of a trp first. You can then bid for a course, but it is worth discussing in detail with both your OC and Trg Maj at your first OJAR so that your preferences can be recorded. Most OCs would rather retain their officers by seeking to encourage their career preferences than have them posted to a job they knwo they will hate and have them PVR.

It is worth having a long chat with the SO1/RO1 Officer Recruiting about how the RLC could develop your career. It is worth remembering that because of the complexities of the CSS component of any force package that there are now more opportunities for senior cmd appointments from within the RLC than ever before. The danger is that unless you are in the right place at the right time with all the right ticks in the box that over-specialisation could limit your promotion prospects as the number of posts above Maj thin out. You may find yourself a Maj advising a 2* or 3* directly, but if your ambition is to command a regiment you may find that hard to achieve.  


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My Dear,

If you are...

tough, join the RE;

pretty, join the R SIGNALS;

looking for a more comfortable role, AGC (SPS);

looking for competition in your peer group, the RLC (Very heavily over subscribed at RMAS currently and they're being picky);

hard of hearing already, join the RA;

strange or linguistically enhanced, the Int Corps;

Very technical already (ie are going to get a BEng),join the REME;

looking to marry your Tp Sgt, any of the above...

You, sir, are a patronising tw@t.


If CGS is indicative of the scaly-backs I would suggest you look anywhere but there for a career. :mad:


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"My OC recommended RA, but I've also heard from someone first-hand that they should be avoided."

Who recommended this- even if someone had had a particularly bad experience, surely this is a generalisation of anyone's regiment; especially as the RA are totally open to females.

"...getting ignored in the mess RA"

Sorry to get on my high horse but I have never been ignored in any RA mess nor have I seen it happen to anyone else. Indeed, where I have served with other regiments, it is invariably the Gunner officers who are the centre of mess life.

As said by others, visit as many regiments as possible and then make an educated decision. Don't believe the stories of others as invariably everyone has their own agenda to push.
I fully concur with C_C's comments about the Gunners.  Not in my experience and typical of other arm jealousy.  In fact the Gunners can offer much more to females than than most other corps (less for RE) permitting you to be as gung-ho as you wish by being in the front line alongside the inf and cav.

However make your own mind up!  If you wish to have a look at the Gunners, speak to RHQ RA in Woolwich and put your name down for Exercise Brief Encounter at Larkhill (weekend for UOTC members with looks of free booze and the odd look at a gun or two).

I would definitely agree that you should shop around, especially while at Uni, what's more if you have some free time over your unfeasibly long summer holidays then try attachments to confirm your choice (and you will get paid for the attachments too!).
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