Which companies would you like to deliver toBFPO addresses?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ForcesResources, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,


    Are there any companies that you wish would deliver to BFPO addresses?
    If there are then let me know and I will do my best to make sure it happens.


    You tell me!
  2. Apple Computer
  3. Hello

    I would like to be able to purchase and received deliveries from River Island online. I currently buy via parents and then get them to post out.

    Fish & Chips from Whitby (but that would be too much to ask, as they would be cold)

    Thank x
  4. Baggy,

    A few months ago I went up to visit them at their warehouse/office up in Blackburn.

    They are very eager to deliver to BFPO addresses. They used to when they used to be down south but when they moved to their current location the nearest 3 post offices to them stopped accepting parcels bound for BFPO addresses as "It was too much hassle".

    They receive quite a few enquiries from BFPO customers and so I am as eager to deliver their products to you as they are to sell them to you.

    A Quarter of should be one of if not the first company to have it's items delivered to BFPO addresses by Forces Resources Limited

    Monaco. I also look forward to delivering items from clothing stores such as River Island. I will also be looking at negotiating extended return deadlines for my customers.

    Thanks all for reading
  5. I'm just looking at your website now and it seems too easy. Can I just please confirm:

    1. We tell you what we want to order.
    2. You order it for us and sent it to us along with the bill.
    3. Once recieved, you then sort out a refund of VAT for us.

    If this is the case, your company needs highlighting to everyone as it seems foolproof.

    Cheers, Baggy.
  6. Any company that delivers to Mainland UK should deliver to BFPO - seeing as how BFPO is in Mill Hill, Norh London. If they don't then they have no real excuse - and on no account should they charge extra, or International rates, for BFPO deliveries.
  7. Unfortunetly they don't. There are loads who have different mail contracts that BFPO will not ship on.
  8. Sort of......

    You tell us what you want ordering.
    We order it

    If you want it sending through the BFPO system we can do that or if it's too big or heavy or you want it delivering to your house or place of work (obviously not somewhere like the big house) then it will be delivered by Forces Resources truck

    Once the item is bought by us your card/account will be debited (no UK address required)

    The VAT is the bit that is currently being worked on. We are VAT registered so at the moment the least we can do is go through the BFG form 60, 80 and form 10(15).

    This should be simplified and more customer friendly with less paperwork for yourselves before christmas.

    This is one of the reasons why the main service will not operating until March. For such things it takes a while to find/contact the relevant people.

    Advertising will be starting in Janurary in the build up to march.
    Hi Legs,

    I agree, although this quite obviously doesn't happen. I have campaigned for better rights for BFPO users for several years but to no avail.

    So.....if nobody will listen then it is time to do something about it...............The result is Forces Resources Limited
  9. Scan.co.uk and Dabs.com, all squddies need extra PC hard drive space ;)