Which college courses will help me get in to the Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. I have a year to kill before i am old enough to join the corps and think it would be a good idea to get a qualification in something that the Int Corps will look for. The only problem is i cant think of any courses that would help so do any of you have any idea what i should apply for? I know my grammar and punctuation is pretty poor so should i do a few highers (one of them being english obviously) or something completely different?
  2. Hairdressing would seem the obvious one! ;-)
  3. Its very difficult to learn someone else's Language when you don't understand your own
  4. In my humble opinion, as long as you have the minimum grades, they count for little else. It's mostly down to you if you will be successful for not. I say this because I have next to bugger all grades, and I know people with degrees, yet we're all in the same boat. I also know people with degrees who were not accepted into the INT CORPS.

    Maybe someone who is involved in the selection side of things can offer a more relevant and worthwhile opinion, but I base my own on the selection process I have experienced along with my colleagues at the same level.
  5. I believe we are a little short of Bantu, Shona and Swahili speakers at the moment ! A lack of English grammar may help in that case.
  6. ok the jokes about grammer are pish so either make a decent dig at me or leave a real answer
  7. "Wait. Out."
  8. English Language or English Literature would seem good choices.

    Critical thinking, History?
  9. I have already said i was going to do english so im more interested in what ELSE i could do?
  10. Try reading more than just the first line, idiot.

    Critical thinking will help you develop your analytical skills, which would seem prudent.

    History (Specifically modern) will give you background knowledge. My course covers the Cold War and 1900 Era Britain, both of which are interesting enough. History's also a solid academic course.

    What do you LIKE doing?
  11. OK OK, Its only a forum! You dont need anything apart from the required GCSE grades, there is a broad spectrum of educational achievment across the Non-Commissioned ranks of the Int Corps. Having a degree or A Levels doesnt really make much difference to the selection process and it certainly makes no difference to how good you will be at the actual job, which is immensly broad in terms of skills.

    However, decent grammar and punctuation is essential as a large proportion of the job requires the production of accurate, pithy and above all credible reporting. It wouldn't do any harm to get yourself on an English course if you feel the need to.
  12. Cheers Old_Gregg,

    does anyone know if an INT 2 is the same as a gsce at level 3 or above?
  13. Old Gregg should know, if anyone struggled with the "broad" range of skills it was him but he hung on in there and look at him now :D - no longer the Angriest Man in NATO

    As for courses, if you only have 12 months then try

    ...keeps the lumi colours within the lines
    ...For marking up maps clearly yet beautifully
    ...For building outstanding models of the Iranian Embassy before execution of Plan 'B'

    Or failing that get a job as a Scout Instructor, they are highly sought after in the Corps. Nothing like a good "when I trainined on t' M-16 in the scouts it were much better than rusty old A1" story!
  14. Applied drinking so you can perfect the art of briefing the Brigade commander whilst suffering a hangover of biblical proportions
  15. Media studies, sports science or if you haven't the grades for them try diploma in social worke!! Works in civvie street!ha ha