Which Club??

Sounds ridiculous i know, but i have never had the inclination nor need to join a London club before.

Now it would be useful as a civy living off-shore.

So Gents (and Ladies), which is the best club for an ex-Inf type (not Guards). I need one that will actually give me a room if i need it!

answers on the back of a fag packet :) :)

in your own time -- go on!
Any holiday inn will give you a room when you want it and at a reasoable cost. :lol:
I see no need to pay a yearly membership if you only visit London Once or Twice a year.

I use Travel Inn's & Premier Lodges around the UK

Click on http://www.travelinn.co.uk/TI/ for a brochure

When in London I normally stay at the Euston Travel Inn:


Next to Rail Stations, Tube & Buses with good links to West End & all areas.
Good Restaurant and Bar at a good price for London.

Best part is you can book online or just turn up as I have yet to be turned away. 550 good sized Rooms, price per room, so no single supplement.
But best to book, if only the day before.
why don't you just use VSC near Marble Arch or the UJ in Waterloo
East India on St James' Square.

Vey comfortable and friendly and the barman mixes a mean Pimms...
Country Club UK gives discounts on all sorts of things, including hotels, and also gets you into the St James Club in London.


The Royal Overseas League is pretty good, and has loads of reciprocal arrangements around the world.


Naval & Military (In & Out) is excellent but pricey if not still serving.
Couldn't agree more with Line_grunt ref. Royal Scots Club....

Great club in the heart of Edinburgh....I recently got a room there when everywhere else was jam-packed due festival/tattoo etc. Staff are fantastic and membership is an absolute bargain.

Best bit? The reciprocity arrangements....especially in London: Naval & Military, RAF Club in Piccadilly (A personal favourite!!) and many more. Well worth checking out.

One more point...you don't need to be commissioned to join the RSC (Unlike most of the London clubs mentioned..) - Although that's hardly relevant on this board!

I forgot to metion the Caledonian Club near Hyde Park Corner, which does a very good lunch and has its own specially-brewed beer, together with an enormous selection of single malt whiskys. Full of porridge-wogs, though, for some reason....


HAC of course, as a Non Regimental Member. I quote;

"Serving or retired members of Her Majesty’s Armed Services, who have not served in the HAC Regiment, members of the Company. They are known, simply, as 'Members' but are often referred to as 'Non-Regimental Members'. Candidates, who have to be proposed and seconded by a Regimental Member, are required to demonstrate that they will contribute in some way to the Company. They benefit from similar rights and privileges to Regimental Members, but are not permitted to vote on changes in Rules and Orders, subscriptions (other than their own) or elections to the Court of Assistants. "


Poppy said:
why don't you just use VSC near Marble Arch or the UJ in Waterloo
Have VSC sorted out the problem of the rooms being super-heated, regardless of the weather?

UJ has appallingly rude staff, is not very good value and full of French train drivers.
I must say i am very impressed.

will have a look at a few places.

for those who commented, my main point in joining is not necessarily for rooms (but some of the prices look pretty cheap) but for entertaining clients when in london and to generally have a place to meet that isn't a wine bar (yes growing crustier by the day).

many thanks all, and hope to see a few of you propping up the bars!

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