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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hallamshire, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. What Ho..........
    Me and the family want to support the forces charities but we can't give to all and there are so many:
    British Legion
    Help for Heroes........ etc

    What do we do for the best ? :?:
  2. It is a personal choice my faves are
    Help for Heroes
  3. Thanks.........
    We want to make the most of donations so look for a charity where thre is not too much overheads for office staff, etc, and more of the dosh goes to the sharp end where it is needed.
  4. SAAFA and the British Legion are good Tri-Service Charities and so is Help for Heroes, although this is a more specialised charity, namely for Headley Court.

    If you want to donate to a specific military charity then all 3 services have their own charity. eg Army Benevolent Fund (ABF), Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RABF). etc.
  5. Combat Stress
    St Dunstans
  6. SSAFA work with all three services and support those still serving and those that have left the Services AND the families of both. They have an appeal at the moment to provide accommodation for the families of those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan - your donation would be greatly appreciated.

    www.ssafa.org.uk or PM me for contact details.

    Thanks for your consideration x
  7. BFBS is about to launch it's new annual fundraiser called The Big Salute, which will support these five Forces charities, all tri-service:

    St Dunstans
    Veterans' Aid
    Combat Stress
    Headley Court

    Our website for this will be up soon and you can make a donation online. All the money raised will go to the charities, nothing will be deducted for admin or production costs.

  8. Well done Hallamshire, if only the rest of the population did the same we would really see a difference for our lads/lasses.

    Every Charity does good work, it`s almost impossible to choose one above the others.

    I have started collecting for and publicising the work of Combat Stress.If you ask them you will find that around 90% of donations go directly to treatment. There is no glamour attached to their work, which can help change lives around; I`ve met men helped by them and for me it`s "thumbs up".

    Whatever you decide it will be appreciated.
  9. Not a charity- but an excellent cause...
    Check out THIS website and note the paypal DONATE link. Any money you give goes directly to help meet the costs involved in pressing the UK and US Governments to Do The Right Thing, and assist the Iraqi translators who we depended on and who are now depending on us.
    Any help will be very gratefully recieved