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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by wellyhead, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. I have blagged a place on th Great South Run and I am looking for a charity

    I'm very touchy about charity as I don't favour the big ones as they tend to get all the charity they need, this is becuase my wifes wards looses thousands every year to GOSH, simply becuase they have better PR. Last year I did it for them (the ward my wife works on) but I am un easy about doing that again due to the fact they have the trust has mis-spent the money. I have also ran for Mens Cancer and Famine in Africa but I would now like to run for a Military Based charity as at truth this is much much closer to my heart than the others.

    Any suggestions ?
  2. The runs gone, but if you want a charity, try the ABF or BLESMA
  3. 'Jet a Vet' is a new project for SAMA(Wales) which aims to provide fundraising assistance to returning Falklands War Vets and desperately needs financial support.
    Men often report back that returning to the Battleground often helps them come to terms with what happened 23 years ago.
    The MOD currently charges each chap well over £1000 each to fly on half empty planes that are going to the Falklands anyway. Many Vets have been unable to work due to injuries sustained and have been living on a service pension for the past 23 years since the War, and therefore this sum is a massive amount for them to find.

    The South Atlantic Medal Association(SAMA)(Wales) is a registered charity-
    Registration Number 1109747
  4. Why the hell are the FI veterans forced to pay to go down there? It's not as if it is a holiday destination.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ...and if nobody else takes you up on that kind offer plse think about running for Combat Stress cf http://www.combatstress.org.uk/home/default.asp

    Their fundraising department Rosie Gibbons would be very glad to hear from you and to send you a pack.

    Two weeks to go - good luck with the training and hope it doesn't blow a hooley on the day !

    Good race.

    Le Chevre