Which Charity for the London Marathon 2008

Okay so waiting for me at home last night was a very nice waterproof running jacket and a letter explaining that I hadn't made it for next years London Marathon. :cry:

A fine bottle of wine and a few ports later I seem to have got over the shock and plan to try and secure a guaranteed entry from a charity.

From your experience which charity would you choose and why? Both from a worthwhile cause and who gives best support point of view. :wink:

Help 4 Heroes - Great cause but no guaranteed slot
ABF - May have places left, good quality T Shirts and support at end (Brews, Sandwiches and a well needed Massage last time)
Combat Support - Great cause not sure if they have guaranteed places.
BigRed, I'll happily speak up for Combat Stress. I was one of, I believe, 5 golden bond runners for them in the FLM 2007 as well as 3 independent runners.

The support I received from Combat Stress was excellent, especially considering it was my first marathon. They had a room at the RBL HQ in Whitehall where I and my two ground support staggered to for post race drinks, food and a first class massage; I also was provided with a proper running vest, personalised. If you're interested in running for them then you should know that Rosie, who posts on here, is no longer with them so I'd suggest contacting her replacement, Calita, or their fundraising mgr Charlotte French for more info.

Best of luck! ;)
As a user of Combat Stress, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who fund raises money for them, it is appreciated.
I'd back .Dolly up on this.

Arrse has a good working relationship with Combat Stress both in the LM and the 10k fun run.

Get your bid in early though!
I'm running for ABF although I secured my own place.
I recieved my running pack from them today and it contained a T-shirt and a load of info. They said in the letter that a proper running vest would be sent in due course.

I just need to get on with training now!

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