Which Cavalry unit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bollock-chops, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. The US had a cavalry unit (possibly air) where the women wore stetsons, white blouses, jodphurs and riding boots I think. Oh bootlace ties as well. Could the boots have been white? I cant find any non pornographic images that fit the bill. It was a very flattering ensemble.

    Ive tried various combinations, any tips fellas. Oh this was around 2000 that I saw them. The british army equivalent in my mind was a pony hipped woman in a no2 dress skirt.
  2. Sure you're not dreaming about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad?
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  3. Me thinks you were totally smashed and seeing things at the time! sin-bin, the snake pit? jjh might "jump" in here and prove you right, if so and they have reunions for the gals put me down for a ticket and a weeks supply of the blue un's.
  4. I reckon you were once at the rass.
  5. There was that Michelle Manhart bird - USAF Instructor - who was chucked out for posing in Playboy. She wore a stetson and white shirt in her brief moments with clothes on. Hang on, will find a pic...
  6. Come on pic quick
  7. Ladies don't have Playboy pictures to hand! Unless they drink from the furry cup?
  8. Ahem.... To be fair Playboy isn't my usual port of call!

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  9. I didnt imagine it, the women wore very sexy uniforms and the guys didnt. I could well imagine some labour type asking who TF issued these uniforms. Blouses, jodpurs, stetsons definately. Around 2000 AD
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Can you post a pic of you, wearing just a stetson!!
  11. Hot diiggedy! They sacked her?!? Great bod, outstanding racks- natural boobies and more medals than an ARRSe Cold Warrior on Ebay!
    Why is she wearing a Para Regt capbadge over her right Devil's Dumpling? "Airtight in Aldershot" perhaps?
    What's the badge above the US wings? Any US still speaking to me?
  12. What happened to the left side of her brim? Was it got to by an Aussie?
  13. is it fiesta? readers wives?
  14. You swine.I've just been looking at pages and pages of Google images for them.

    No stetsons mind you.
  15. Is that the "spot the MQ furniture" mag?
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