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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by RLC All The Way, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Ok so currently have a crappy 54 Plate Astra CDTI 1.7 and although the MPG (cost £65 to fill up and do 500miles on a tank, and yes thats being driven like its stolen!) is good and a decent sized car... lets be honest its a wanky repmobile!

    Plus we keep getting all sorts of fault codes coming up so its time to get shot of it and get something different!

    Needs to be 5 Doors & decent sized boot (have a 18 month old and another sprog due in sept) and have a decent-ish spec with a respectable MPG

    Now personally id like to spend around £5k but the boss is saying we should go cheap (around £2-£3K) and use the extra cash to buy nice things for the sprogs!

    Any suggestions that dont contain the words Vauxhall?
  2. Whatever Honda you can afford that fits. We never had any major problems with any of ours. I personally use Opel with no complaints, but that's just a foreign Vauxhall
  3. Skoda octavia sports tourer (estate). Very impressed with mine even though its a 2000 and 1.8 petrol. The diesels are very impressive and run forever if looked after, a taxi firm near me is getting 400-500k miles out of there's. You can get a lot of car for your money.

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  4. Czech, German or Japanese. Skoda is probably your best bet. Going cheap is the wrong route, what you save on the purchase you'll spend on endless repairs. You get what you pay for. If you have 5K put aside for a new car use it for it.
  5. We heard a lot of good reports about the Hyundais. and ended up with a new Ix20.

    Long warranty, O% finance if you look around.

    Very happy with it so far, does everything we want, comfortable drive, loads of room.
  6. Its a high performance car and requires high performance high price BMW parts to work properly. A Volvo or Mercedes estate car may be the answer.
    There was an article in the Daily Telegraph motoring section about the first model Mercedes E series estate cars, there's a garage that deals specifically in those cars. They are utterly reliable and reasonably simple to maintain. They also hold their value. I'll try and find the web site if you're interested.
  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Been all over the place this last while and every taxi that was crawled into was a Skoda or a merc. Skoda guys, mostly young loved them. Its an age thing. If the Skoda badge doesn't bother you, go for one
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  8. The police here in Latvia use Skodas. As do most of the other Eastern European police forces. They never go wrong, they are as good in minus 30 as they are in plus 30. A moonlighting policeman looks after my property and he says they are outstanding.
    More and more of the taxi drivers here are switching to them.
    You could do no better and much worse than buying a Skoda.
  9. Vauxhall's are cheap and cheerful, plenty of anecdotal evidence will tell you their shite. Truth is they break as often as any other car and dependent on how they're driven up side is that when they need work as they're ten a penny parts are plentyfull as is knowledge.
    Too be fair they're pretty bulletproof to start with, good engines and gearboxes (at least 150k) should be possible. Interiors are ok and a lot less "plastic" than other cars in their class.
    Good solid motoring.
  10. Ok so after a discussion with boss after i got home from work this morning we have decided to go and take a look at 2 motors:
    Skoda Octavia (55 plate £3500) & Mazda 6 (56 plate £2800) will give some feedback after iv ragged them both to within an inch of their lives!

    On another note, a mate of mine is a vauxhall grease monkey and took a look at the astra found out it has an issue with either the ecu or the accelorater sensor in the pedal... both of which will require an vauxhall mechanic to fix as only vauxhall can obtain the parts and do the relevant remaping of the ecu.. both problems are going to cost in the region of £1500 to fix..
    apparantly this is a common issue effecting around 70% of astra's post 2003 and as soon as vauxhall first found the issue they made the parts required vauxhall issue only! money grabbing bastards!!
    Never having another vauxhall again!!!!! although..... the geezer selling the mazda 6 informed he has just taken delivery of a Holden (vauxhall) monaro and after seeing the reviews online for it wouldnt say no!
  11. BMW, plenty of cheap, good examples to be found. Reliable, and you can do the servicing yourself, nor do you need to use OEM parts. A good 320d will get you 60mpg.