Which car for my first car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by peterjones, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. I want a sporty car for my first and it out of the BMW Z3, Toyota MR2 or the SLK. what do you think?

  2. SLK first car? lol
  3. SLK 2000 reg
  4. have you got any insurance quotes, or found out the servicing/tax/petrol/misc. running costs of the cars.

    If not, with no years no claims bonus, and a new driver you're going to get raped by the insurance companies.

    What about a nice little astra. 1.4 :O
  5. i had a 1999 astra 1.8 as my first, and it cost me 1600 to insure fire and theft, as a new, young male driver.

    are you aware your probably looking at a fair few quid just to buy a decent one. and your first car should always be crap.

    you will have at best a few near misses, and most people have a few knocks and scrapes. getting out on your own is nothing like lessons, and a car with some power under the bonnet will be a recipe for disaster.
  6. Unless you have about £5000 going spare for third party insurance you should set your sights a gnat's knacker lower.

    Check out this thread for some 1st car ideas:

  7. I seem to remember somebody buying a bike (yes I know a bike isn't a car) and as the payments were so steep and as the insurance was even steeper, he insured it THIRD PARTY ONLY and so he wasn't a happy teddy when it got nicked.

    Buy a four wheel shed or mobile shit tip first, build up some no claims, have a couple of crashes if you feel you must but then and only then go for the car of your dreams.

    Edited to add: Pretty much what Jarrod said but he beat me to it.
  8. well im buying a 2001 style Astra 2.2 SRI i have had my license for 2 years and havent owned anyother car or been insured on any other car either but they want £1300 fully comp which i think is pretty good and the car is costing me £2800 plus insurance £4100 not to bad really.....
  9. Its nice to see a dreamer every now & then.
  10. It's an 8 year old car!

    How old are you?

  11. ... and I'm not even going to mention the insurance required to be able to claim mileage allowance.

  12. boy some folks are out of touch.
    My first car at 17 was a new honda prelude 2.2 vti motegi. Although it was on my dads company insurance I only had one small bump in it and no speeding fines :).
    The first car I bought and owned at 20 was a jap import mr2 turbo and the insurance was £3000 for a car that cost £7k.
    I've also had a 2.8 z3. So out of the 2 I would say buy an older MR2 > it's still a sporty car and you can pick up a decent one for £2k > expect to pay another "2k for insurance (search and you should find my bro with 12 points for dangerous driving and 0 no claims pays £1200 though i think he's older than you). The z3 looks quality in black on a sunny day but the 1.9 isn't that great.
    Out of the 3 the SLK is probably the best car but it looks a little out of date in comparison to the smooth curves of the other 2.

    Definately buy an MR2 owning one is an experience and the running costs are low as there are tons of parts. Be carefull of the back end in the wet though ;)
  13. To keep the insurance low for younger drivers

    Ramp up the excess to as high as you can stand (£750 in my case)

    Stick it on an Admiral multi-car policy with other family members cars to get discount (you do not need common drivers nor indeed common ownership)

    Have older, experienced named drivers (yes, Mum & Dad) as named other but non main users (that dilutes the overall risk profile)

    Thus No 1 son (20, been driving less than a year) insured fully comp to drive a Group 9 car for £1800. He is Registered keeper and thus builds up NCB. (Hopefully...)

    If he wrecks it no come back on NCB for other cars
  14. I'd go for the MR2 out of the 3, be lessed peeved if you right it off, but becareful of it kicking out - good fun til it goes pete tong.

    Or something like a honda r type.

    Also if you modify it, should be declared, or be quick to put car back to standard if you have a bump as if modifications are not declared it invalidates the insurance.

    Whatever you get - enjoy
  15. im 21 hence my username lol......