Which cap badges go to which ATR?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Safe, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this forum.

    I have looked in a few differnt places and am getting conflicting information (could just be me tho!) about who goes to Harrogate and who goes to Bassingbourn ATR. The army recruitment centre said that they might be changing (that was a good few months ago tho) I'm particularly thinking of the REME and Royal Engineers.

  2. you shooed be going to Bassingbourn unless your to young, think its under 18s, but i am new too so White for sum one with more info to help you get a defined ancer
  3. ooops yeah i should have said - for a 16 year old - sos
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Safe, you have a computer, why not google "MOD ARMY ATR"? It will probably answer most of your questions, or failing that go back to your recruiter as ask?. At 16 are you destined for an ATR? or for Harrogate?

    Tintin, you need to work on your written English. I'm not going into "grammar nazi mode" just yet, but if I had to read posts of the same standard as your post every day, I'd find it difficult to understand what it was that you were trying to say.
  5. Usually I hate grammar / spelling nazis but FFS!
  6. for a 16 year old (if you are enlisting under the age of 16 yrs and 9 months), then you are either going to AFC Harrogate or ADC Winchester.

    Harrogate is 42 weeks training and takes nearly all cap badges and requires a higher BARB score than Winchester

    Winchester is 20 weeks training and again takes pretty much the same cap badges.

    Certain jobs though are restricted to adult entry only which starts at 16 yrs and 9 months, some are even 17 yrs and 6 months.

    Confusing isnt it :D
  7. Oh its not for me its for my son.

    It's lookin on the net that got me confused cos I was lookin at the Bassingdon ATR site (out of interest) and I think it mentioned that REME go there but all the other stuff says Harrogate. No worries, I'm sure REME go to Harrogate but not sure about Engeneers (2nd choice) they both look on a par to me ... but what do I know!! He has his selection test next week. Was going to ring the recruiter but my phone is alllll the way over the other side of the room lol

    Yeah confusing is one way of putting it
  8. Royal Engineers and REME juniors can go to Harrogate :)
  9. Thanks :)
  10. sorry for trying
  11. Harrogate is the Army Foundation College and runs in a different (but similar) way to the other ATRs. You do go there regardless of cap badge and as a 16 year old, but if your son doesn't want the educational aspect of Harrogate, he would go to Winchester (or Bassingbourn I think) depending on capbadge.
  12. Hey Tintin - You spell like I used to and you won't get any better by not havin a go - my most ever used pressy is a 'spelling made easy' book from my Dad and I've had it 25 years now (wasn't very happy with it at he time tho!!) lol :)
  13. am dyslexic and i hate it always have, its just my spelling it affects tho, i hate people that take the pis. i got it all the way form 1st year to the end of school so just to say fuck_you to all the ***** at my school i walked out with 4 higher art, religious moral and philosophical studs, geography and philology so not thick like people seem to think
  14. which ATR do you go to if you a chef?
  15. If you are an adult then you go with the rest of the RLC and that is Pirbright :)