Which burning software to buy ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Taffnp, May 29, 2012.

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  1. I recently got rid of my old PC running XP with my favourite Nero 6 on it. This does not run on Win 7 so looked at Nero 10. Spent 3 hours trying to install it and constantly got error, previous version exists. Cleaned registry etc but no joy so gave up.

    All I really want to do is create some menus and burn some DVD's to discs.

    Was looking at Roxio, anyone have any reviews of it ?
  2. Use the free burning software that comes with Win7.
  3. Wot 'e said.
  4. roxio is ok and so is vso convertx to dvd . depends how good you want your discs/quality and how technothick you are . they both have a simple drag and drop format and will burn nearly all kinds of files and turn them into european/usa dvd . roxio has a few more bells and whistles i think but all in all both good for burning dvds (myself i use vso but thats the one i started with and im to old to change )
  5. CD Burner XP. Free easy to use, not just for XP.
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  6. I use imgburn for dvds and the built in one for anything else. Free is for winners.
  7. This. Use Imgburn
  8. Just found DVDstyler, able to create menus and seems to handle all file formats - and it's free :)
  9. Downloaded a trial version of Pinnacle 15. Does everything I want and more. Best part is I got it for free too. :)
  10. CDXP gets my vote too, used it for years before I saw the Linux Light !.
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