Which burning software to buy ?

I recently got rid of my old PC running XP with my favourite Nero 6 on it. This does not run on Win 7 so looked at Nero 10. Spent 3 hours trying to install it and constantly got error, previous version exists. Cleaned registry etc but no joy so gave up.

All I really want to do is create some menus and burn some DVD's to discs.

Was looking at Roxio, anyone have any reviews of it ?
roxio is ok and so is vso convertx to dvd . depends how good you want your discs/quality and how technothick you are . they both have a simple drag and drop format and will burn nearly all kinds of files and turn them into european/usa dvd . roxio has a few more bells and whistles i think but all in all both good for burning dvds (myself i use vso but thats the one i started with and im to old to change )
Just found DVDstyler, able to create menus and seems to handle all file formats - and it's free :)
Downloaded a trial version of Pinnacle 15. Does everything I want and more. Best part is I got it for free too. :)
CDXP gets my vote too, used it for years before I saw the Linux Light !.


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