Which Buffalo shirt?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Daddy, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. and while we're at it, which patrol boots? Pros and cons.

  2. It depends on what you want it to do. My only criticism of the Buffalo shirts is that unless its really cold, if you're at all active, its easy to overheat, and if you're wearing it under your smock, its impossible to ventilate it.
    They now sell an unlined pertex Buffalo windshirt which can be teamed up with a fleece to give the full functionality of the original shirt; but if you're on the move and liable to build up a sweat, you can wear it over a thermal T, and under your smock, which lets you work on the margin of being a bit chilly when you stop for a brew, but not overheating once you're back on the move.
  3. Buffalo - great in cold and wet conditions, particularly in OPs and other static locations, but otherwise too hot. Mine served me well in Norway but was most useful in a Swennybridge wet/cold winter! Opinions on boots - like arse**les, everyone's got one etc.etc. I have lived in Jungle boots and Britor boots for sixteen years with occassional forays in Danners/Materhorns for wet, cold, static conditions (NI OPs, Balkans).
  4. I've never bought any Buffalo shirts or anythig for cold wether, always wore the issue stuff.....must be stupid..:lol:

    As for Boot's, I'm a LOWA man and always will be...comfiest boots I've ever wore and the best, In my opinion for tabbing and for Infantiers. Any downsides to LOWA'S? None I can think of so far....served me well.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

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  6. You could have atleast tried to make that comment sound funny....

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  7. I bought a Buffalo shirt way back in '96 to go out to Bos with. Been left the Army 5 yeas and it is the only bit of kit I kept when I left, and still have it now. It's a fab piece of kit, but as Rifleman says it can cause you to overheat and has limited ventilation if worn under a smock. I would only wear it on really really cold days or on an OP (not that I do much of that now...unless you count stalking the ex-wife) but it is great for a winters walk in the Brecons.

    My current missus has been so impressed with it she has asked for one for Xmas!
  8. Ive had a softie most of my time it kept me worm in a afghan winter VERY COLD have got the issuie softie the dessey/green its not that bad, on boots ive just completed junior breacon had lowas on all the time no probs at all
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  10. You probrably won't find any either...
  11. Buffalo make jackets as well as the shirts. The jackets are outstandingly warm lots of great features to keep you warm like double zips at the front with baffles inbetween to make sure no water gets in, sleeves you can roll up and lots of venting. They are however rare as rocking horse doo doo, and over 100 to buy new. 5regt RA make a very good OP type jacket designed by and for RA use give the PRI a call.

  12. Buffalo shirts are great too hot to do anything active in though even if all zips undone .Everyone says good things about lowas but I'm happy with my pro boots though probably only as they were issused . :)
  13. Put on a Buffalo 6 Shirt at the start of GRIM REAPER and took it off again 2 weeks later.

    I was never cold, but thoroughly miserable nevertheless.
  14. Not sure about being a Kingo - sounds more Welsh to me as a wether is a castrated ram ... "I've never bought any Buffalo shirts or anything for cold castrated ram ....."

  15. Thanks lads. Have made the decision.

    Ill be the one collapsed with dehydration in the all new improved buffalo.