Which bike next?

Currently ride a nice street fightered 600, but looking for a change, as getting too old to ride a streetfighter. Not into plastic fantastic.

Stuck between the following:

Yamaha XJR 1300
Suzuki GSX1400
Bandit 1200
Kawasaki ZRX1100

Also contemplating getting a large cruiser though the above are more likely. But any recommendations from cruiser riders appreciated. Though not along the lines of 'Brighton is a good night out':)

Have had a short cabby on a GSX1400 and Bandit 1200, liked both but any advice or recommendations from anyone who rides or has ridden any of these appreciated.


Bandit if you want cheap insurance, GSX if you want to be screwed for insurance, ZRX if you want something that handles like a housebrick on half a rollerskate.

XJR if you'd like a combination of speed, usefulness, decent options,rideability, looks, reliability, reasonable insurance and re-sale value..........

Then again take a look at the Z1000, makes the ZRX look like the anacronisim that it is.

Ridden all except the bandit except in the 600 version, the XJR is far the best as a slightly classier all rounder

If you feel like riding something totally insane but not a crotch rocket, try a second hand Triumph Rocket 3, prices are really low for second hand ones now!

Cheers for that, much appreciated.

Got to admit the XJR is my favourite, but that is just on looks alone.:)

I am hoping to get feed back from people who have rode the bikes for a while rather than a quick test ride and especially those like yourself who have ridden more than one so can compare.

I need it for long distance commuting but also want something with some street presence when i go to bike meets.

Always ridden naked bikes, so not concerned about wind protection or aught when commuting.

Again cheers for the feed back.
From your list i would have to say GSX1400. Well put together bike with a bit more muscle about it. Like the blue and white too, suits the shap.

However, I have to say I would be looking at the Aprillia Tuano 1000R, preferably the Factory version.

These are stunning bikes that pretty much do everything you could want, from track days to touring. Holding there value well too :)

If i was wanting something bullet proof, reliable, comfortable and a true jack of all trades, then there is the Honda CB1000R or CB 1300F.

If you have ridden Hondas before you will get that familier feeling when you try one of these. I have to say I am a Honda man through and through...but thats because even when abused on the track, my hondas have always been Uber reliable and solid.

Sorry to deviate from you list ;)
My chice,
BMW GS range, comfort, handling, presence, and hold value.
1150 Adventure is becoming affordable.
Aprilla Tuono, just because it`s bonkers.
Triumph Tiger or Speed Triple, good solid well engineered muscle.

However, you pays your money, you takes your choice.
Generally , bikes evoke an emotive rather than practical response.
Listen to your inner child, buy the one that sings to you.

PS All the bikes you had on your list are proven , capable machines
Edited to add, My 500th post, glad it was on a subject close to my heart
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..i forgot about the Speed Triple..d'oh!!!

If there was a wee symbol for thumbs up it would be getting many!
Personally I wouldn't bother with a Suzuki. I know from experience that the finish is crap (fasteners corroding, mild steel sections in an otherwise stainless exhaust, poor chrome etc. etc.) Yamaha are definitely the way to go for build quality. Spares and service are far more widely available than some of the more 'exotic' Italian marques also. If considering a Triumph, remember that most of the parts come from Malaysia. They are only designed and assembled in Hinckley!!
If you want to be noticed at bike meets, dont buy a Jap bike. They are sooooo common. Italian (Ducati, MV Agusta etc) or Brit (Triumph) are your two mainsteam options. If you want to change style completely look at Harley and Moto Guzzi.

Dont buy a Jap cruiser. Everyone will know you wanted a Harley but couldnt commit fully!
BMW K1200R or K1200S - awsome (1300 if going for new)

thought i would never have a naked bike again but the fly screen is superb at shielding me - had 165mph out of it on the M20 :)

165 miles on a full tank, £17-£18 to fill up.
I forgot BMW - A very good option. I prefer the traditional opposed twins - far more character than their other configurations. Excellent build quality (although I have heard of occasional pproblems that are generally one-offs) and well thought-out designs. I didnt like the cruiser style one they have/had. It felt very light on the front, as if it was going to lose grip in corners all the time. The GS series is generally accepted as the ultimate bike of its genre.
Cheers for all the advice.

Not really a Ducati fan.

Honda CB1300 was on my origional list, but usually outside of my budget (3-3500).

Would love a Triumph Street, but not practicle for humping loads of stuff about, IMO.

Tuono, oooooh yes, but out of my price range.

I think it really comes down to the XJR, GSX1400.

Not into the big Enduros either, well not as an only bike :)

I know the Bandit 1250 got good reviews, but maybe too sensible a choice.

As Kurgen says, probably go with my heart so it will be an XJR. Will let you's know when i decide.

Cheers for the tips.
Moto Guzi Le Mans
Hi funny this, I had been going along the lines about bikes. I have a 535 virago and was looking for something newer, lighter and with more leg room, and that there aint. I have been on bikes for 40+ years having ridden M61's TWN's as well as the BSA B series for the army and my own have varied from Triumphs to current. I have been contemplating a new bike for years, problem, I have a bad elbow and the roads around here are gravelly and wiggly. A tourer is useless, too much weight on elbow and bad for bad back, coffe bar racer, I want to ride it, not look at it! so I have gotten this Viagra, sorry Virago. Although this has problems, the weight is good, reasonably comfortable, shaft drive keeps the dust out on our roads. What was to replace it. The only one that comes close is Honda 750 Shadow, but the weight! Its now about 250KG which is 25% heavier than my Virago.
I have now currently dumped my ideas and am just biding my time. I do about 4000 miles a year, mainly dry WX. To be honest there is nothing now that really fills the bill. So I sympathise but do try a Cruiser, give your agents a ring and have a go on one. Do though be aware of the weight thing, its amazing how it affects your attitude especially in the sticks or around town. The power is not everything.
Can't beat the XJR...forget the eyetie stuff unless you are a qualified auto electrician!

Forgot about Suzki's kak finishing too!

Someone mentioned the Triumph Speed Triple, borrowed one for a 3 months whilst a crab mate of mine was down at MPA, cracking bike, utterly cracking...!
Just ordered a Tiger. Got a good deal, and am trading the Gixer and the 800GS. I found that I was having more fun on the Beemer than the Suzuki, I suppose I'm getting old. I only did a couple of thousand miles on the Gixer this summer, so it was a waste of money really. Anyway, courtesy of the Triumph bike builder tool, here is what the next Gurumobile is looking like....

I'm saving up for this one. If anyone wants to make a donation,please pm me :)

FourEM said:
If I was forced to ride old styley bikes (like plastics mmm)

Kwak Z1000 madder n a box o frogs
Had an Eddie Lawson replica, was awesome in a straight line, corners were suicidal!
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