which bike < CBR600RR, ZX6R or Daytona 675 ?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by skymacuk, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. i'm looking to buy a 600 and wondering if anyone had any ideas on which would be the better option, i like all 3 but to be honest i'm 6,1 and the Daytona seem a bit of a taller bike but all i keep hearing is how unrealiable they are and that they break down a lot

    many thanks
  2. if it's anything like my speed triple do it you will not reget it
  3. Hi mate

    Ive had various 600cc motorbikes, including Suzuki Bandits, Suzuki GSXR 600, Honda CBR 600 and a Kawasaki ZX6R.

    Ive never had or ridden the Daytona before so cant comment, but from the list youve given Id personally go with the ZX6R. From what I remember (I owned that bike in 2004) it had more of a big bike feel and would suit someone a bit taller. Im a short arse at 5,9 so I have no dramas!! Get down the dealership and and take eaach of them for a testdrive.

    If your in Edinburgh, PM me as I know where a very clean ZX6Rr is being sold (reputable dealer) and for a good price.
  4. I saw a group test of these not so long ago and the Daytona came out on top. Depends if you are talking about a brand new one or older models? Each has changed either a little or alot compared to their respective older models, which then changes the question completely.

    As above, only you can answer the question after giving them a go for yourself - depends on what you want from the bike.
  5. Is there a good reason you are limiting yourself to a 600? Also, must you have a sports bike? A tall chap like you might want either a bigger bike or a completely different style of bike.
  6. 600 sport bikes are notoriously tiny despite what the testers say . Fine for 20 laps of Cadwell utter pains for normal use.

    The litre bikes are a touch bigger but still not armchair like. More important than size is the geometry of the footpeg to bars to seat arrangement;some bikes are more inherently comfortable than others in their class because of this
  7. How old/new are you talking about? Triumph have near Jap reliability now, but again there's bad ones in every batch. The Honda will be reliable and robust with few dramas, the zx will lead to moments of pure insanity but isn't that friendly to do 150 miles plus on, the Daytona has built a reputation for being 'the new sliced bread' but again isn't mega comfy.

    All depends on what you want to do, commute, general scratching or tracks, or combination of all 3. If you can put up with the inevitable wrist and back pain that a 6'1 frame will suffer trying to fold onto a tiny frame I'd go with a newish triumph or the zx. If you want comfort and the ability to do the track/scratching at a bit less frenetic pace go for the Honda.
  8. If you don't mind going a bit (alot) older then the Yamaha Thundercats (YZF600R) were alot more comfortable and had less of an leant-over-the-handlebars setup, and despite being a 600, is more like a modern 1000 in terms of size (before the day of making 600s tiny lightweight bikes). Despite this, its a good sports bike, and its looks in my opinion have aged well. Plus they are cheap as chips now, you can get a really good one for 2 grand.
  9. Go for a Fazer Thou, good all rounder, though not my cup of tea.

    Will sport with the sports and tour with the tourers.

    As said not into sports bikes, Streetfighters, big muscle bikes or Cruisers are more my thing, but the CBR600 is probably the better option, not as quick or as sexy as the Daytona but a very good bike. Several friends ride them.

    Thundercat is a good reliable bike, but bit dated now.
  10. X59

    X59 LE


    All three are good bikes in their own way, but have limits that you will reach in no time.

    A big sports tourer, like a honda blackbird 1100, kawasaki zzr 1200/1300, suzuki hyabusa 1300, or bmw k1300s, will be a good longer term ride that you'll NEVER outgrow or tire of.
    Trouble is, they take a lot of riding experience to stop it biting you on the arrse !

    There is a perfect compromise for sports bike handling on the twisty country roads, and all day 2 up comfort for a blast to Europe - Honda's vfr 800 vtec.

    I've been a London based bike courier ( yep, clipping taxi wing mirrors ! ) for ten years, and have regularly used all of the above ( company owned ) bikes in town, and long haul nationwide, and the vfr does the f'kin lot.

    Oh, did I mention that my personal vfr , 08 plate, ABS, 2000 mls, grey, c/w luggage is for sale at a snip ?

    Mods, please feel free to dump this post on personal ads if it's taking the piss too much !
  11. Im still waiting to hear why you feel the need to buy a sports 600 when you are over 6ft tall!

    If you want a very fast bike a 600 sportsbike isnt it.
    If you want a comfortable bike for a big lad, a 600 sportsbike is not it.
    If you want cheap insurance and a sensible "starter" bike a 600 sportsbike is not it.

    So what is it about a 600 class sportsbike you fancy so much?
  12. Eh?

    A 600cc sports bike goes like shit off a shovel and if you look at 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times and top speeds you cannot possibly argue that. Also depending on your age, a 600cc sports can be very easy on the insurance. Its when you opt for the 1000cc plus the prices get scary.
  13. There arent many lads that can say that and mean it especially on the road ; track hmm maybe
  14. X59

    X59 LE

    Sounds a bit like I'm big timing it saying that, but I meant that the appeal of a tiny framed bike with a screaming engine, cramped riding position and relatively poor fuel range has limited appeal that will soon become apparent.

    Agreed that very few riders, who aren't racing gods, could push the performance limits
    of most modern 600 sports, even on track.
  15. Spenny,

    Everything is relative.

    My point is that:

    If speed is the desired effect, a litre class sports bike will easily see off a 600.
    If comfort for a 6foot+ rider is required, a sports tourer is more likely to fit the bill (or at least a bigger sports bike, although some litre class bikes are barely any bigger than their 600 siblings)
    If 600 is being quoted because it is a "sensible" size for a beginner, there are plenty of more suitable options in the 600 engine size range for a beginner..