Which bergen do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Which bergen do you prefer infantry or other arms and why?
    Also have you modded your bergen?
  2. NO-ONE likes the other arms 'handbag' It's gay. That's why the regs all now get the inf bergan issued.
  3. i like both bergens i prefer the other arms one for walks also i find it easier to attach webbing to.
  4. I like the SAS bergen better than the others. It has loads of secret compartments in it too, god, I lost a MIV in mine once, took me a whole week to find it again.
  5. Don't know how you do things where you are but I normally attach my webbing to myself...

    T C
  6. i know i mean when you come of ex and attach it to your bergen so its harder to get nicked.
  7. Them SAS ones have GPS built in, well not GPS, it's a kind of tracking device so if you get lost the rescue team can find you. No one would nick anything with a tracking device/GPS in it would they???
  8. I prefer an empty one when I have to carry it anywhere, and one inside a Landrover with the rest of my stuff for normal use
  9. I like the bergans that the infantry are carrying as they trudge past my wagon on the way to dig holes in the ground. I like them even more if they all sorts of shiny heavy stuff in like a length of plastic tubing filled with concrete.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I like the green ones myself! I always lose the camoflaged ones!!!
  11. Lovely!! Walking with bergans!! What a quaint past time!
  12. bergan full of link :(
    bergan empty of link :lol:
    very goping gpmg :cry:
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My favourite Bergen is the one in Norway; it's much nicer than the one near Höhne.
  14. I prefer the issue 'BERGEN, HELIUM, OFFICER' NSN 8064-99-876-4532

    only ever seen them when dragging them off 4 tonner's at DOP's
  15. 5.56 - please please try not to ask such bone questions. No one outside of 'tent city' (and probably 99.99 percent of those inside it) would possibly prefer the all arms bergen. It is near universal knowledge across the armed forces that it is cack.
    And why your obsession with modded kit? You've stated you're a cadet - are you trying to win fame and respect with your fellow oiks by looking modding as much kit as possible in an attempt to look like some sort of secretive and well-ard killer? It doesnt work, and the real soldiers will laugh at you. No offense. Spare yourself a tongue lashing and dont bother asking about webbing, as everybody mods this in some way and you will have so much mickey taken out of you as a result for asking that you will be drained of all body fluid entirely and end up a shrivelled heap of dry skin (presuming over consumption of white lightning and solvent abuse has not already done this)