Which Battalion in the PWRR is best ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MaxG, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Me and my friend have been talking and we both want to join the infantry preferably the PWRR as this is our local Regiment and is my Army Cadet Force Regiment but we are stuck between which Battalion we would prefer. We know that you get a say but if a Battalion is running short on men then you get posted there, but we just cant decide which Battalion would be better 1st Battalion Armoured infantry or 2nd Battalion Light infantry. Which one do you think would be better and why, hopefully there are some people here with experience with both Armoured and light infantry. Thank You :)
  2. Isn't there a sticky for you and your bum chum to post in?
  3. Im sorry where is this im new to the forum.
  4. At the top and made stickies.
  5. I know where they are but cant seem to see one that is meant to talk about what battalions/regiments to join.
  6. In the present economic climate, I thnik the question you should be asking is which battalion of PWRR will be left.

    My moneys on neither.
  7. the first is light role now anyway so it dosen't matter. and by the way the third is the best.
  8. They're all warry cold-steel wielding ninjas, even if the Toms were still at school when PWRR fixed bayonets for real.
  9. What do you want to do all day? If you've not even joined yet you may or may not get a Herrick in after training. Armoured you'll generally spend your days on the vehicle park picking up heavy things and getting covered in oil. Light infantry will spend alot of time doing lessons and doing pt.

    There is no way to decide which is better than the other, just what you want to do with your career, of course you might not even get a choice if you join.
  10. Yes, that pretty much sums it up basically, a Unit to have more than one Bn will get more rare (unless your the Para's) in days to come with manpower reductions.
  11. Pop into the local recruiting office, chances are there is some PWRR there on the local recruiting team.
    Worked with a mxed platoon from btns, good blokes to a man, crazy Sjt got a MC they even have their own freefall display team.

  12. Sad to say, I think the paras are in for a culling next round. With one battalion famred out as SF group - chopping another would bring them pretty much in line with the rest of the infantry re taking one the the chaps and a 1 battalion unit. Its sad, but its the world we live in at the moment.
  13. Perhaps our senior officers will grow a set of balls and copy the actions of the Turkish top brass.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world:

    "Actually, I think we're all agreed that we can better serve the interests of the armed forces as a whole, by remaining in our current positions and lobbying behind the scenes in Whitehall. Right Gentlemen, carry on......"
  14. 1st battalion are armoured, 2nd battalion are light role, 3rd battalion are territorial. Personally 3rd battalion is my cup of tea