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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dont_rememba_didnt_happen, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Right, well I'm sitting the Nursing board mid January and have been told that I'll be starting basic training around May time next year at ATR Winchester, but having read some of these posts it seems that female recruits no longer do their basic training at this ATR, however all of the information I've been given says that all the Medical Corps do basic in Winchester.
    So basically now I'm confused as to where I will be doing my basic training as I am female and going into a Medical Corps.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to where the hell I'm likely to be :?
    Cheers :)
  2. ATR Pirbright in Surrey
  3. well that was simple enough. thanx :)
    why is it now Pirbright though?
  4. quite simpily because all female recruits regardless of cap badge now do basic at ATR pirbright
  5. Would love to see Bad Girls Army on TV.

    BT Xxx
  6. I was also told that it would be at Winchester, when did it get changed to Pirbright? (not disbelieveing anything, just interested!!)

    cheers x

    DKDH - i should be on this one, maybe see ya there!!
  7. That's interesting... I'm starting my basic at Winchester on the 8th, but was originally going to Pirbright. I'm RLC, so fcuk knows what happened there! I am male, by the way.
  8. batmanwasjesus- You'll be going to Winchester now because only girlies like myself go to Pirbright now. So that means no males, like you, will be able to go there and so obviously you had to be move to another ATR. Shame that they don't allow lads an girls to do basic together any more though :(

    whats_this_all_aboot- Are you sitting the nursing board in January? Or were you meaning that you'll be starting basic in May? :?
  9. I wont be sitting the nursing board, but basic in May. I am going RAMC.
  10. Oh right, what job have you gone for? If I don't pass the Nursing selection board then I'll be going RAMC too, will be going CMT then.
    Anyway good luck with basic, hope it all goes well for you :)
  11. Either Radiographer - if i get it or CMT.

    Maybe see you there! Good luck too, its a long way off but iam still bricking it!
  12. males are still training at pirbright just not in the same troops as the girls. Pirbright takes RLC. theres loads of lads at pirbright joining RLC. it takes all the females, theres alot of female medics in my troop. don't be shitting it, the trainings fine. i wasn't especiall yfit before i started but they get u fit. good luck
  13. Yeah, shin splints, the lads carrying all your gear on exercise, a real shame.

    Its changed to be 'more progressive' training for females as we were breaking them by training them too hard. End result will probably mean even more unfit females but there you go. Liability and all that.
  14. I think it is really strange that they have decided to split us up! Surely this defeats the point of making an 'equal' Army?
  15. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Why not go HCA, gotta be better than CMT