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Very good.



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Very good.

Complete this well known phrase or saying

"You should have used
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
as I can't find a reference on here to this incident.

Naked man 'seen defecating on train'

and it's more the sort of things some posters are likely to get up to.
Hard to take the bbc seriously when this type of shïte appears in their Canadian news feed on the main page. It makes me feel all warm inside that they see this as an important story that needs to be broadcast world wide...
Today I had a "must be an ARRSEr" moment which provided much appreciated entertainment whilst stuck in this little snarl up on the M1:

Man arrested after 12 found in lorry

I'm livin' the stationary dream in the fast lane, there's a woman in a blue Ranger in the middle lane, and next to her our unknown ARRSEr in a silver X5 with an enclosed car transport trailer on the back. He's probably mid-50s, blue check shirt, tidy grey hair, and having a lovely time by himself, red-faced ranting (presumably on his hands-free), angry shouting, waving his hands about and spanking his steering wheel. For twenty solid minutes.

Ranger Woman and I were transfixed and helpless laughing at him. Her passenger filmed some of his performance so I expect it's on InstaChattyFaceAche somewhere already. Unfortunately, as the responsible adult in charge of my vehicle, I don't have a photo.

So thank you, dear ARRSEr whoever you are, for brightening up a frustrating morning for me and Ranger Woman. I haven't laughed that hard and long for a couple of years at least.



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