Which Arrser screwed the results?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Okay.. which one of you guys put the fix in on the Top Hotties list for this year?

    Come on! Eva Longoria in Number One??

    She's got no funbags! She's tiny, skinny and, well.. just not right..

    Jessica Alba is No. 2 [ at least she's got some shape and the requisite pillow lips ]
    Lindsay Lohan ?? FFS Number 3?? Old lechers vote possibly..
    Angelina Jolie has [ sob ] slipped to Number 4 [ okay so she's up the stump and playing footsie with Brad these days so I guess she deserves to slide down the list a bit ]
    Stacy Keibler Number 5 [ WHO????]
    Scarlett Johansson Number 6 [ Veg.. what happened? ]
    Cameron Diaz in 7th [ not even! ]
    Kate Bosworth - 8
    Keira Knightly -9
    And Christina Milian in 10th [ again, who??]

    Some pollster has been doctoring the list...not fair.. no one ever asks me...
  2. Where has this list come from? It's not the FHM one.

    Stacy Kiebler is a wrestling bird with the nicest legs, ever.

    This list is crap and so was the FHM one. Where were Eliza Dusku and Britney? Neither of them in the top 100.

    Edited to add: Christina Milian is a very nice singer & Britney Spears, of course.
  3. The list is from Maxim..so it's suspect to begin with..

    Britney??? BRITNEY?? You got to be kidding...[ um.. which Britney are you referring to? ]

  4. hummmmmmmmmmmmm

    Shes loverly

    {i]mod edit[/i]300m's removed so it fits in on epage
  5. Each to his own, for sure,

    but Slutney Spears.. the poster girl for White Trash America? c'mon.. up the stump again with the first kid still in disposables and a ' husband ' who spends more time helping Google up its porn numbers than he does doing his ' manly duty ' of porking the bimbo [ guess he doesn't like her when she's rotund.. though the boobies would be nice and plump ]..
    She hasn't put out any music worth humming to in ..well...whenever...

    not anywhere near the class and stature of even Keira let alone Scarlett and, in a side by side comparison to that other 'bout to pop ' yummy mummy, Angleina.. sigh....
  6. :evil: ARE YOU ALL GAY?!?!?!?!?!?! :evil:

    The best of the best is not a some septic trailer mum, or some flat-chested posh bint. It is the one, the only


  7. Cheers dude, you just made me shoot my load.