Which Arrser has the best job???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by postman_twit, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. And I don't necessarily mean best paid job either.

    Is it Banker and his Ferrari Estate? What about eodmatt and his one man expedition to mount every women in SE Asia? Is it Sinner251 who pays tramps to fight each other for the price of a can of Tennants Super? FMOP seems to have a cushy berth (no pun). MiT gets to spend most of his working day in various pubs whilst Ugly gets to spend a great deal of his time in the great outdoors. There's also a few on here who actually get paid to go to sandy climes and shoot Johnny Foreigner!

    So who's job do you envy and why???
  2. I get to choose which students I shag. Could be 18 or a milf 40, currently, a really sultry 28 has me arage. Then again there are some pretty decent 50 y.o.'s knocking around too.
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  3. Is that job related or just a hobbyist rapist? :)
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  4. they is consenting adults... Enjoy the envy
  5. RebelWithoutACause has a cushty number I wouldn't mind doing.

    You do realise that it's not real sex unless they're crying?
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  6. Is Ron Jeremy on ARrSe?
  7. Being a Paramedic with the ambulance service has its perks as well as its down sides. Getting puke or shit on you regularly isn't great, but when you get a fit lass with breathing difficulties it can be rather nice. Let's have a look at......I mean a listen to your chest.
  8. See, it's not just us that don't like you.
  9. Which arrser.............

    You 2 haven't got the hang of this game yet have you........
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  10. Prince
    the next time we meet, you.ll have to teach me!!!
  11. You want me to bum you until you cry????
  12. We can take turns with each other. Personally, I would need some direction from Jarrod, but if you are good to go from the off what can I say?