Which ARRSer has been teachin the police to stop cars

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by mrrandom, May 23, 2011.

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  1. YouTube - ‪POLICE arrest‬‏

    THIS is the moment cops smashed up a suspect's car - in a controversial arrest that has left five of them facing the sack for being too heavy-handed.

    The officers nabbed the man for driving a car stolen in an aggravated burglary.

    In a police video obtained by The Sun, two are seen breaking the Mini's side windows with batons - after shouting "attack, attack".

    One then smashes in the windscreen before others drag out the suspect, in his 20s, and handcuff him as he lies on the ground.

    The man, wearing an Ikea work top and a black bandana, can be seen bleeding from cuts to his face.

    He was later convicted of handling stolen goods after claiming he bought the motor from a pal.

    But five male officers with Enfield Crime Squad now face a misconduct rap after allegedly using unnecessary force in the "hard stop" arrest in Edmonton, North London. They are also accused of doctoring the film by playing Tracy Chapman song Fast Car over it - which they deny. The men claim they believed their suspect was armed and had previously threatened to shoot an officer.

    A source said: "He was supposed to have had links to a gang and his brother had been killed while being chased by police. There was intelligence that he had threatened to shoot a police officer in revenge.

    "The guys on the ground couldn't afford to take chances. They were hard but fair." The source added: "It is nonsense to suggest the officers doctored the video with the song Fast Car. It was playing on the radio and when things calmed down the music became audible."

    The allegations came after footage of the June 2008 arrest was found by anti-corruption cops investigating separate claims that nine squad members misused police property.

    They were suspended in February 2009 after allegedly using confiscated cars on jobs and a seized TV, PlayStations and mobile phones at the base. A drug dealer also claimed they used water torture on him.

    Crown prosecutors eventually said there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges.

    Now five of the nine face a disciplinary hearing on July 4 over the car arrest. Supporters have accused the Metropolitan Police of a "witch hunt" after its fruitless £5million two-year corruption probe.

    An ex-colleague said: "The Met targeted its own officers who were clearing the streets of crime in a robust but perfectly lawful manner."

    A Met spokeswoman said: "Misconduct charges have been served on five officers from the Enfield Crime Squad. All five face allegations of discreditable conduct."

    Read more: Call in the cops? We are the cops | The Sun |News
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  2. Is this not a recognised tactic to stun the occupant of the vehicle and to make the polices job easier?
  3. yes, the video caught my attention first but reading the article its a little bit of a stitchup, the crime squad in question having been found not guilty of some other alleged naughtyness suddenly have this video pulled on them

    the baseball bats are used as ASP aren't designed for windows and can bend, my only gripe is that there was intelligence on the driver that he might have been armed meaning firearms should've broken the windows- with a large metal bar ;-)

    oh and snazzy tops
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  4. I feel sorry for the actual owner of the mini, firstly it gets stolen by the suspect, then the coppers smash the **** out of it!!
  5. Suspended for two years? Two years on full pay whilst their own bosses try to feck them over for actually going out and doing their jobs, giving scrotes a hard time?

    Oh how I love to pay my taxes.
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  6. the car was "boxed in" he was alone and compliant...... How many cops does it take? FFS
  7. The briefing would have been funny. Five plod all rowing over who gets to go ******* mental on the windscreen with the baseball bat.

    "No fair, Timothy always gets the good jobs"

    "Its ok Rupert, you can put your knee on the jigs throat"

    Where do I sign up?
  8. Ikea will put a kitchen anywhere you ask em...

    OK back to the seriousness - I'm quite sure that this tactic has been displayed on various reality tv cop shows, and recently too. The whole idea is to shock/divert their attention from retaliation/driving the car away. Isn't it a standard used where there is a chance of violence or the suspect fleeing the scene?

    another non story by the scum as far as I can see it.
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  9. So you reckon there should be equality of numbers between suspects and coppers - what for, to give the suspects a sporting chance? If the scrote in the car had started shooting, how many would have been enough then?
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  10. he wasn't compliant watch the video again he wasn't getting out of the car and had to be dragged
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  11. Looking at the VICTIM of their hard arrest, I can't help thinking that it wont be long before the RACE CARD comes into play! "You only is ruff coz I is black innit"! The fact he had threatened to kill Police in revenge for his brothers death would be quite irrelevant to any of our wonderful "umin rites"/racial equality lawyers!
    Hmm... how long before "Western" pops up & crayons all over this thread?
  12. They're not as hard as they used to be.
    They were only nice to him because it was a black Mini. Now, if it had been a yellow Mini......

    I don't think it is a fact that he'd threatened to shoot police, there was intelligence etc....
  13. \TBH, if someone had stolen my car I wouldn't be that upset at the loss of the window after learning that a portion of it was embedded in the face of the chav **** who stole the thing.
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  14. Surely smashing the windscreen is a pretty sure way of ensuring the scrote doesnnt drive off. And not as if they battered him - bit of shock and aws the old saying goes, live by the sword, die by the sword.

    Totally propoerionate, cant beleive The Scum have taken the scrotes side. Not overly keen on the Yanks however we could certainly learn a few lessons from their justice system.
  15. wierdly I don't think its the smashing so much as it was done with baseball bats
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