Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FRjunkie, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I am wondering which Armys do ceremonial work around the world as well as the combat stuff.....I know the Household Cavalry do for the UK, but who else around the world?...
  2. Must not bite, must not b......
  3. 49 para are the shizz
  4. Bullshine :x 12SAS J Trp 8 Sec were and still are the dog's bollock's!!
  5. 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment (The Devils in Skirts), drillers and killers. :lol:
  6. Not quite ceremonial duties but every leap year on the anniversary of the Battle of Umbangaloo River, the 1st Battalion Princess Agathas Own Regiment (the Waffleshires) perform the dance of 'Mala Swammpi Mano Bumba Bumba' for select members of the Royal Household which traditionally includes the Queens 'attic' relations.
  7. You forget the exchange programme with Der SchadenfreudeJager (Waltenkommando) who do an excellent visual of "Ride of The Valkyries".
  9. I know this is true because I was there with you :D
  10. Front rank?
  11. Didn't know it was open season :donut:
  12. The World renowned Kirby Light Horse are know for their close order drills
  13. Can't talk - security :D