which are the new blocks?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by woda66, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. im due to go to catterick soon,just wondering what is the name of the new blocks?
  2. The new blocks are known as Z Type single living and cost a quid on top of the normal accom. to be honest, they're a nice touch but not essential, and i'd rather save the money!

    Not sure on the names, but i'll try and find out for you!
  3. Depends on what regiment your going for mate, you'll either be in the new accomodation in helles (guards, para's,gurka's) or vimy (line infantry).
  4. vimy the new accomodation??????/
  5. The ITC is split into two mate, Vimy & Helles barracks, Both have new sets of accomodation. What regiment are you trying for?
  6. rifles
  7. Then you'll be on vimy mate, do you know if you'll definatly be in the new accomodation? personally i think there's a certain charm to the old accomodation, if having to black nasty your windows on is the worst you have to put up with in your career then it will have been a boring one lol Any idea's on a start date?
  8. 22nd may
  9. what Rifles you joining?
  10. i think you will have more important things to worry about than wether or not your block will have an en-suite bidet and a double bed.