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Seeing as no one has seen fit to buy me a Christmas gift this year, i have decided to buy my own and would like to buy a good quality air rifle. Does anyone have a good one for sale or advice on what/where to buy, thanks.

I would prefer a precharged one rather than a spring
Get one of those magazine fed semi-auto Co2 ones. Who needs a £400 fancy bolt action jobbie. If you can get 12 rounds rapid down at your intended critter then you don't need the finely honed marksmanship skills that a Bolt Action requires.

Think they sell for about £110 - £130


I quite like the Gunpower Sealth 2000 , looks a bit sci fi , but gets decent reviews on several airgun sites.
what kind of air rifle would you like ? springers are good if you are younger,, com/air is better but more costly..
there all the same power more or less,, i have two,, one is an underlever 707.. tother is an AIR ARMS,, the 707 i use as my hunter,, the airarms i use for putting holes in paper.. both are good for hunting however..


Im very keen on a precharged rifle , and it would be used for a mixture of shooting at cans and hunting.


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Get yourself the rather beautiful Falcon Prairy Lighthunter with Walnut Profile Stock. Devastatingly accurate, exceptionally well made, and sexy as hell to look at.

Other than that, an Air Arms EV2 is quite good.
Have a look at the Weihrauch HW 100's - a PCP.
Excellent German engineering, probably the quietest around due to it's silencer - so for in the garden it won't announce itself to the neighbours and if hunting it won't scare away the prey.
Not the cheapoest, but have a look at the thumbhole versions as they will cater for left or right handed shooters alike.
I'm byassed as I've got the carbine thumbholes in .22 and .177 - great bits of kit.
Hope that helps,

Edit : forgot to say the magazine system is very probably the best in the market.
for ease of use the air arms 400 and 410 .. if you hand pump its ten pumps to 5lb...
if you use a tank (scuba) get the 250 lbs and you get 5 refills maybe more on a warm day..
i like single shot as the power drops the faster you shoot..
with this i get ten shots ,,but its my hunter so i dont let it go that oft in the day
The best precharged rifle I ever bought was an Air Arms S410k, I've owned and sold most of the rest.

Personally wouldn't touch anything from Gunpower unless I had a desire to spend large amounts of cash to turn an expensive pile of crap into an adequate rifle. The ergonomics of the S16 leave a lot to be desired.

Best advice would be to spend an afternoon in a decent gunshop, no idea where you are but BAR in Blackpool comes highly recommended.
If you are going to go for a pre-charged air rifle, its probably worth spending a little extra money and getting one with a regulator, it allows you to get many more consistent shots out of a charge.


Thnaks for the advice, im stuck onboard over Christmas so im hoping there will be some sales on in the New year. The shop in Blackpool looks pretty good so i will try there. Im leaning towards a precharged rifle with a thumbhole stock now in .22. I will try to get a second hand one if possible so i can get a better spec and accessories for my money, and hopefully people will get new rifles over Christamas and want to dispose of their old ones.
.177 actually seems to be the more popular calibre for hunting now actually. I don't actually own a .177 rifle, but I hear it has a flatter trajectory as well as a higher muzzle velocity which lends itself better to longer distance hunting. Downside is you really have to go for head shots because of the small size of the pellet.

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