Which ACF - Dorset, Wiltshire or Hampshire?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by BergenBob, May 29, 2006.

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  1. I'd like to join the ACF as an instructor and I live within half an hour or so of ACF detachments in the above counties. I'd be very interested in the views of serving instructors (and cadets too) as to the pros and cons of their counties and joining up process of each. I maybe moving to Glasgow in September, so any input from north of the border is welcome too.


    BB :D
  2. Bob,

    I am in Hampshire and to be far it is not too bad at all.

    The ACF is like most things you have good and bad.

    First port of call is ring up County HQ and they will put you in touch with the CAA of the Company nearest to your location.

    You should then be contacted by the CAA and invited in for a OCs Interview.

    From then you may be issued some kit and told to get your knees brown at a unit.

    Most ACFs run 3 selection weekends for New Adults prior to an ITC.

    They say it takes about a year from march in to march out as a fresh painte shiney SI.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Unless you're a mong.

    As said earlier, it really does depend. Most of the stuff that makes ACF Counties good and bad you don't find out the reality of until 3 months in, such as Company OC, Company 2IC, CSM, CEO (a biggie), the Commandant and the RSM. You may meet these chaps, but won't discover everything until a short while in. My advice is to go and see a few of the DC's, and go with whoever seems best, after all, they're your immediate boss/colleague.

  4. Thanks for that guys - Birddog, as you've stuck your neck out and declared you're in one of the poss' contenders, does your county actually get off its butts and do stuff (AT, Fd Trg, shooting and the like) or does it stick to indoor trg where the adults pull up a sandbag and start every convesation with 'When I...'?

    Now come on the rest of you slackers - stick your heads up above the parapit and chuck in your two pennyworth.... :p


    BB :D
  5. Hi Bob,

    It's a worthwhile hobby and great fun and if you've any Reg or TA service and quals they will probably bite ya army off (as long as you're not a walt!).

    I have a very good mate in one of the ENGLISH counties, and his words are join Wilts or Hants as Dorset by and large is full of walts and Knobjockies! (That's the adults, kids are kids whereever you go!)

  6. I'm from Black Watch Bt ACF, Glasgow and Lanarkshire have an exclent sports team............(in fact they clear the board at every event.............except the hockey)

    other than that same as everywhere else some good some bad.
  7. Bob,

    It does depend on which Company you join some are proactive others are not. The ACF like most things is what you decide to make of it. We have an AT Team, Shooting Team, and do losts of Fieldcraft, most of these are considered "basic" elements of the ACF.
    As for sitting down and pulling up sandbags, most of us at units do not have the time to do this and are busy before and after the Cadets are there.

    That is more reserved for Company HQ rather than the unit end. Go along to your nearest unit and have a look, it can do you no harm and will help form your idea on if they are any good or not.


  8. Thanks for that, Oldest, I supose if they're up for sport they must be up for other fun stuff too. They/you all going to be rebadged RRS?

    Cheekie, thanks for that, can you be a little more specific, or does your mate just have 'personality' issues with the system?


    BB :D


    Thanks again for that Birddog, Hants are in the lead so far!
  9. We wont be rebadged RRS as the QM has decided since a TOS needs 7 holes in to hold the cap badge in it would be to much for Cadets........(also the badge weighs more than your avrage cadet)......... we don't realy have a name yet as the Black Watch Dosen't exist as an independiant Bat, so who knows..............
  10. SEVEN HOLES!!!

    What they trying to do, mount it or stab the TOS to death!
  11. I'm an AI with Hants and at the moment most new bods are getting stuck into 3 induction weekends followed by a weeks ITC with 17 Cadet trg team (Regs) followed by (and dont quote me on this) a weekends first aid trg(they like all instructors to be competent in necking on with some lass called 'Anne'
  12. In Wilts we have 2 weekends (usually back to back) then the AITC with a CTT at Tilshead.

    Pick any company you like as long as its Anzio.