Which 4 x 4/Pick up?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by postman_twit, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Looks like I will shortly be moving to a farm. The access road is in good condition but will probably be impassable to my current car and van once the predicted snows arrive.

    I'm looking at a second hand smallish 4 x 4 for my partner and a second hand double cab pick up for me.

    Suggestions/advice gratefully received.


  2. All depends..what do you really want them to do? Small Jap 4x4 for her....go for a Honda CR-V for something ultra reliable but not that good off road, but more than capable for rough tracks etc or if you want something dirt cheap to run then a Terios.

    For the double cab, for a workhorse Defender double cab, however the load bay is quite high and you'll always have something wrong with it, but it'll do anything you chuck at it, or a Hi-lux double cab. Reliable as feck.
  3. Do you need Low gear? Freelander 2 (auto) great car. Land Rover instructer said , possilbly better than defender off road (except for ride height and knocking dents out).

    Hi-Lux yes. Or even a Disco 3 - 4 (depends on costs) workhorse and you can still clean it an look like a family car.
  4. I bought a Jeep Wrangler 4 door a couple of years ago and what an excellent choice it was. Much more bang for the buck than a Land Rover equivalent. I like the fact that the roof panels are removable.
  5. I would recommend a Nissan X Trail for her indoors, though it may be bigger than you would like.

    My Dorris drives one and she loves it, comfortable, good road visbility etc etc. It done over 90k miles and hasn't missed a beat. We went for the SVE spec which has all the mod cons including leather seating (great for the sprog to throw food at!!).

    It has smashed the last few German winters with ease
  6. I used to drive Landies but I'm better now, thanks.

    Nissan Navarra double cab, highly recommended.
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  7. I went down the Subaru Outback route...does both the jobs in one! You can pick them up cheap and they are a cracking car in the winter. With the extra height they handle the type of snow you see on farm tracks. I have a mile of tracks to go down before I hit tarmac and she behaved through the last two scottish winters. The better half loves it as its a "car" not a box and so says driving it is great. I had a Discovery before that and the Subaru is most deffo better and at a cheaper price to run/buy/insure.

    As for a pick up, most of the farmers round these parts have gone back to Landrovers after a brief affair with L200's. The Mitsubishis break and cost a fortune to repair. Landys break, but cost peanuts.

    As for the comment a Freelander 2 is better than a Defender off road. Utter bollocks!

    Off road means water, mud, ruts, wading, approach and departure angles...not pulling a horse box out of a soggy field. I grant you, it is excellent "off road" for the average camper, horse box puller, shooter, fisherman etc, but it is not a patch on a Defender for "off road" for the average farmer etc.
  8. Do not get a Mitsubishi L200 (Head Gasket issues) or a Nissan Navara (engine blowing up issues). A Toyota Hilux is what you want, however they will be hard to come by as second hand and expensive (hold their value very well), but this should re-assure you that it is a good truck!

    Im speaking from experience as i have an L200 and have friends who have had bad things happen in Navaras!

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  9. 2/51... as I said it was from the Land Rover instuctors.. and I raised and eye or 5 as well.
  10. Could not agree more. V Nice motors.
  11. Land Rover Instructors are interesting characters ;). My arguemnet would be "Why then do Land Rover do all their serious off road instruction in a Defender". I know the answer...because although a Freelander is very capable, they do get damaged on parts of the course that a Defender does not. Land Rover will not put one of their vehicles into a situation where they know it may get damaged if potential customers are about...and they will tell potential customers that Discos and Freelanders are fantastic because they are premium vehicles with BIG profits, BIG service costs and BIG repair bills.

    Just my take on things :)
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  12. Some good info. Thanks guys.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No problem. We live to serve.

    So, are you getting a plastic Nip Pikey wagon with a go-fast bumper, a Septic rattle-trap or a proper mans car like a Defender HCPU with a crew cab? Nobody gives a rats what you buy the Doris so spare yourself the embarrassment. You married a bird who cannot fund her own motor after all.
  14. None of the above. Have been on the mod sales website and bought a surplus 432! ;-)