Which 2 Regiments are to be chopped

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cav4756, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. 2 Armoured Regiments are to go, leaving 5 Heavy and 5 light for the 5 Multi-task brigades. My money is on 1 and 2 RTR mixing and 9/12 disbanded as I've heard terrible storys about them over the last few years?
  2. Is this gospel or did you hear it from a bloke down the pub? The current plan is to drop one sqn from each regiment.
  3. Whitehall Rumour mill, There taking another slice of RAC and INF as well as 3 Sqn Regs, Commander Combat to anouse soon
  4. This the same place you heard this:


    Or are you going to ask the same question in every forum?
  5. No who or how it's to be done is purely my guess work, 1 Tanks have no role, lost CBRN and I here neg stuff about 9/12 all the time.
  6. I think it's the two who drives those thingamagigs on tracks.
  7. No doubt you expect us to share them with you.

    BTW your spelling is shit even for a journo
  8. I heard from my mate (who is always right), the PARAs are going as they have not jumped operationally since Suez and they cost too much with their jump pay and special helmets.
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  9. I know, i know, let me tell you, which two are going. Its not the two you thought of. I was in the office today and overheard someone say , i feel sorry for those lads in these two regiments, the
  10. I've heard some terible stories over the years. One I remember featured a wolf who ate a gradmother then dressed up in her clothes to try and fool a little girl. I mean come on! there would be blood everywhere. Then how would a woolf dress up? No opposable thumbs! He'd need some sort of help. ramble...


  11. Your wife will be upset then!.........she loves the Special Helmets!:muhaha:
  12. Maybe a massive restructure to the Cav en route? (a la Big big regiment/divisions for the Inf)

    Maybe a yeomanry Sqn for each Reg unit?
  13. I heard 3 Heavy (1 RTR, 2RTR & SCOTS DG) and 6 Light (who gives a ****)
  14. Say again in english, or fetch adult, over.
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  15. Surely they should save the "Sarmatians", they were after all here with the Romans.

    Bring back Ray Winston, Ioan Gruffud, and Clive Owen, and now that we are an enlightend country Kiera Knightly could ride as well, instead off running around in the tree line half dressed.