could someone advise who the best personal injury, home and kit insurers are for those about to go to sunny climes?

Many thanks
I'm afraid that everyone will have a different opinion on this one.

Even some Independent Financial Advisors may steer you towards a policy that will sustain their commission-based income rather than a similar one that wont.

Each Personal Accident Plan is broadly similar and is a balance between cover/exclusions and premium levels - the devil is truly in the detail. So some may have alcohol, CBRN exclusions or even restrict certain policies to those not warned off for operations, they may provide only limited accidental death cover, charge you to change/cancel the plan, or load the premiums of certain trades, whilst others may offer broader cover with less exclusions but at a higher premium level.

In truth, no one can say which is best unless they know what type of injury you will suffer, how and where. However, your unit admin office should have a selection of plans provided by reputable providers.


OK PAXbloke many thanks.

I knew this was not going to be easy. Towergate Wilson have been in touch as have PAX - maybe the choice is easier to make by comparing the exclusions and, as you say, the very small print.

Thanks again for your advice.
PAX (through your admin office) and SLI (leaflet should be around the office) are both market leaders i believe, kit insurance can vary a lot, i just took some out for£8 a month, but i'm told you can get it cheaper.
You’re right Hasher it's a complicated area, and it is necessary to understand whether your requirement is actually for Personal Accident insurance, Critical Illness insurance or Life cover.

In our view what is really important is treating every customer as an individual and understanding what his or her exact requirements are. For this reason we have taken the route of authorising our advisers to give regulated advice. Without such advice it is possible that customers may choose the wrong options.

So we’d recommend you look for a company authorised to give advice, not just to accept applications.

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